Armored Core 6 Chapter 5

What decision to make in Armored Core 6 Chapter 5

By Olivia Richman


Sep 1, 2023

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Armored Core 6 has multiple endings and you may be wondering how to get the one you want.

From Chapter 3 onward, you’ll have the option to select a mission that impacts your journey in the game. It will eventually lead to one o three endings:

  • The Fires of Raven
  • Liberator of Rubicon
  • Alea Lacta Est

If you want to get your ideal ending, you’ll need to choose the right mission in Chapter 5.

Armored Core 6 Chapter 5 decisions

When you reach Chapter 5, you’ll have two missions to choose between. Depending on which you go with, you’ll get one of the three above endings. Here’s how to choose the mission to get the ending you want.

Mission: Intercept the Corporate Forces. If you select this given mission, you’ll ultimately get Fires of Raven, which is the bad ending. To complete this mission, take down Frued, a fast V.I. mech that requires you to have some finesse with a shotgun with fast-moving leg parts.

Mission: Eliminate Cinder Carla: This is the mission to select if you want the good ending, Liberator of Rubicon. You’ll need to defeat Cinder Carla in a one-versus-one fight, which requires you to come prepared with some tankiness.

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How to get the Alea Lacta Est ending in Amored Core 6

Every decision you make in Armored Core 6 will determine if you end up getting the Alea Lacta Est ending.

Here are all the choices you need to make to get this special ending:

  • Chapter 1: Attack the Dam Complex (Choose “accept” after destroying the second generator)
  • Chapter 3: Prevent the Corporate Salvage of New Tech
  • Chapter 3: Eliminate the Enforcement Squads
  • Chapter 4: Coral Export Denial
  • Complete Explorations Depths 1-3 and then defeat the last opponent in Arena
  • Chapter 4: Complete Eliminate V.III
  • Complete MIA
  • Complete Regain Control of the Xylem
  • Complete Coral Release