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What are the most popular online games in Canada?

By William Davis


Jul 24, 2023

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These days, Canadians are spending more time gaming than ever before. Thanks to a growing selection of quality titles to play, more people in Canada are growing to love online games.

Online gaming in Canada has taken many forms over the years, and one of the notable honorable mentions in terms of popularity is online gambling. People enjoy sports betting, fantasy football, and online casinos with slots and table games. While this is undoubtedly a staple of online entertainment in the country, the current state of legislation in Canada means it is tough to gauge which games are most widely played.

However, by looking up the ranking factors for the best online casinos, players can find out where to play the best games, get the biggest deposit bonuses, and even get free spins to play even more. When it comes to high-octane action, it’s hard to beat the classic casino games that people have loved for years, but there are new slots coming out all the time that are also lots of fun. 

If you’re excited to get playing, below are the top online games in Canada in 2023.

Apex Legends

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It’s no surprise that one of the most popular online games in the world is also a huge hit in Canada as well. Apex Legends, a spin-off of the acclaimed Titanfall series, has been one of the biggest online hits in recent gaming history. Not only that, but it’s also one of the most popular battle royale genre games, which is already one of the most popular and competitive gaming genres.

Having just entered its 17th season, and with a new and exciting event right around the corner to kick things off, now is a great time to dive into this exciting world and toy around with its diverse roster and intense tournament communities. 

League of Legends

upcoming LoL champion Bel'Veth

League of Legends has been the dominant MOBA game for years, and things aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Part of what makes League so enticing is its seamless combination of aggressive real-time strategy, relentless tower defense gameplay, and role-playing elements. Gamers of all kinds of tastes and origins can come together to team up and compete in this eclectic title.

League of Legends is also one of the biggest esports titles in the country, as many Canadians tune in online to watch the Championship series and its multi-million-dollar prize pool.

Rocket League

Rocket League Switch

Out of all the popular online games in Canada, Rocket League may be the most unique one of the bunch. Instead of controlling sharpshooters or teams of fantastical orcs and demons, instead, you control a rocket-propelled car in a fast-paced game of soccer. As a primarily physics-based game, Rocket League is all about pacing, balance, momentum, and having a perfect aim. This makes it a great choice for people who love to master a small set of skills.

Because of its unique and addictive gameplay mechanics, Rocket League has a very popular online community as well. This applies to both casual and professional kinds of settings as Rocket League is an excellent example of “easy to learn, hard to master.”

Street Fighter VI

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Having just been released, the newest entry in fighting games’ most popular series is making waves with its exciting combination of old and new characters and mechanics. After a lukewarm entrance made by the fifth entry, Street Fighter VI is rocking the world by storm with its all-new drive impact system, which is catching new and old players off guard.

Capcom has gone above and beyond and improved its matchmaking system for every platform that Street Fighter VI is available on. This has helped make it an already popular online fighting game for both consoles and PC. The lobby system and the fast in-and-out pace of matches make it a very addictive game for people of all skill levels.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Modern Warfare 2

When Call of Duty first entered the world of battle royales a few years ago, it felt like the gaming equivalent of chocolate meeting peanut butter. Today, the classic first-person shooter franchise is still taking the online gaming world by storm with the newly released Warzone 2.0, which adds even more maps, weaponry, and content that people were itching for in previous releases.

If you love the immersion and action of first-person shooters but on a grander arena-based scale, Warzone 2.0 is the game to play. The timing is great, too, as Activision will soon be shutting down the original Warzone for good. This makes now the perfect time to sink your teeth into Warzone 2.0.

Online gaming is booming in Canada, more now than ever before. Whether you want casual games or competitive ones, shooting games, or strategy games, there’s a massive selection of titles out there. We only scratched the surface in today’s article, but anyone in Canada looking for action and adventure online is sure to find it.


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