Dressed to Kill event

Everything coming in Apex Legends Dressed to Kill Collection event

By Olivia Richman


Jun 15, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Apex Legends Season 17 is getting its first event in the form of the Dressed to Kill Collection. This update comes with some big legend changes as well as some desirable cosmetics. Here are all the changes coming to Apex Legends Season 17.

Season 17 has been a bit uneventful (literally) so far. But the community is now being given 24 collection cosmetics, a Horizon heirloom, massive balance changes, bug fixes, and the return of the Armed & Dangerous limited time mode.

When is the Dressed to Kill event update?

The Dressed to Kill Collection event is going live on June 20, 2023. It will start at 10 AM PST and last for two weeks, ending on July 4, 2023.

Dressed to Kill Collection skins

The biggest draw of the Dressed to Kill Collection is the massive amount of new cosmetics. There are 24 cosmetics in total, including Legendary skins for Crypto, Horizon, Mad Maggie, and Newcastle. Unlocking all of these skins during the two weeks will automatically reward you with Horizon’s heirloom, called Gravity Maw.

The reactions to the skins were largely positive. The mysterious and dangerous-looking Crypto skin was a fan-favorite as well as Horizon.

But other fans noted that these two legends seem to get skins during almost every event and asked developers if they would make skins for less popular legends instead. Others wondered why Loba was not included in an event called Dressed to Kill when she is described as a fashionista.

Big legend changes in Dressed to Kill

Seer Apex Legends
Source: Respawn Entertainment

The biggest legend update is going to Seer. Once seen as a meta-killer, Seer is getting a lot of nerfs to make him more balanced in Season 17.

Here are the Seer changes:

  • Passive: Heartbeat Sensor
    • Range Reduced to 50m ( was 75m )
    • Initial Heartbeat delay significantly reduced
  • Tactical: Focus of Attention
    • Range Reduced to 60m ( was 75m )
    • Firing Speed Increased ( ~30% faster )
    • Removed Heal Cancel
    • Removed Revive Cancel
    • Removed Respawn Beacon Interaction Interrupt
    • Scan Time Reduced to 2.5s ( was 8s )
      • Scan once again includes a full body highlight
    • Enemies hit by Focus of Attention are now Slowed for 2.5s
    • Silence Time Increased to 10s ( was 1.75 )
      • Enemies who are silenced by Seer are now also highlighted with a threat outline to Seer and his teammates but only when they have line of sight
  • Ultimate: Exhibit
    • Throw Range Reduced to ~15m ( was ~50m )
    • Removed Diamond Scan Markers on Enemy Movement
      • Exhibit will now only show the footsteps of players moving in the zone
      • Diamond Markers will now ONLY appear with enemy gunfire for 1.25s

Other changes include firing range updates like the ability to practice in third person as well as the addition of Armed & Dangerous. The patch notes also included a ton of bug fixes and quality of life updates.

Here are the full patch notes.