What are the best runes for Senna as an ADC and support?

By Nicholas James


Apr 24, 2022

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Senna is a unique marksman, able to play the role of a traditional AD carry from both bot lane and support with the right rune setup.

Senna is a mix of traditional marksman and enchanter support. She gains souls from nearby minions dying and damaging enemy champions, building crit chance, attack damage, and attack range as she gains more souls. This leads to the unique dynamic of Senna choosing not to farm for the beginning of the lane and opting to replace a traditional support with a tank or bruiser who farms in the laning phase. She can take a variety of rune options, but here are the runes that high-level players roll with.

Best ADC Senna runes

While the soul-focused Senna is an option, often referred to as fasting Senna, many players still opt to play her as a traditional AD carry. These players tend to opt for Fleet Footwork or First Strike. Fleet Footwork synergizes well with Senna’s kiting-focused kit and amps up her sustain in the laning phase even further. First Strike takes advantage of Senna’s long range and easy harassment to grant her bonus percentile damage and more gold.

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For Fleet Footwork, players take Presence of Mind, Legend: Alacrity, and Cut Down from the Precision tree. As a secondary tree most opt for Inspiration with Biscuit Delivery and Approach Velocity. First Strike players mostly opt for Magical Footwear, Biscuit Delivery, and Approach Velocity from their primary tree, dipping into Precision for Legend: Alacrity, and Cut Down.

For items, most focus on getting Muramana, Kraken Slayer, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and Rapidfire Cannon. Occasionally, marksman players will opt for Eclipse as a more burst damage-oriented option.

Best fasting Senna support builds

Players who opt to play Senna with a support slant tend to build near identically to marksman players.

Some one-trick players take Summon Aery, but most are the same approach as their traditional AD carry cousins. Cheaper items do become more valuable with Senna’s decreased gold income, with many dedicated Senna players opting for Eclipse, Black Cleaver, and Umbral Glaive when opting for the support playstyle.


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