What are the available Escape From Tarkov platforms?

By Nicholas James


Apr 23, 2023

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Escape From Tarkov is a wildly popular extraction shooter, but what are all the Escape From Tarkov platforms you can play on?

Escape From Tarkov is a first-person shooter set in a post-collapse Russia-adjacent city called Tarkov. You play as Private Military Contractors trying to escape the city, entering raids to compete for missions, loot, and kills. It’s an incredibly in-depth game with realistic gun modification, resource tracking, and more. If you’re interested in trying it out, what are the ways to play Escape From Tarkov on different platforms?

Escape From Tarkov platforms

Let’s keep it simple, Escape From Tarkov is currently only available for play through PCs running Windows. Yes, it’s possible to set it up on other systems like Macs or Ubuntu theoretically, but it’s not officially supported. Escape From Tarkov isn’t available through the usual online retail spaces like Steam or the Epic Games store. Instead, the game is purchased through developer Battlestate Games’ official Escape From Tarkov website. There are three different versions of the game for purchase, with increasing in-game rewards with each new tier of price.

Escape From Tarkov Arena platforms

Escape From Tarkov Arena is a new spinoff game meant to take Tarkov gameplay and give it a more traditional multiplayer FPS feel. This title will also only be available for Windows PCs on launch, so no console hopes there. If you want to play Battlestate Games’ hit shooter or its spinoff, you’ll need to be on PC.

Will Escape From Trakov come to consoles?

Escape From Tarkov’s developer has already said it’s interested in trying to publish Tarkov to consoles. It’s previously said it was working on the console versions of the game, and it recently refreshed that commitment, saying it’s still a priority. If you want all the details on Escape From Tarkov on console, check out our article on the subject.


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