What are Golden Moons in Rocket League?

By Melany Moncada


Feb 4, 2023

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Get ready to collect Golden Moons in Rocket League with the Neon Nights featuring Cochise event. The event includes limited game modes, free items, and a variety of epic rewards.

Rocket League is celebrating music, this time featuring Florida rapper Cochise. The first event of the year, titled Neon Nights, has a high-energy soundtrack that will get players hyped up. Rocket League added “Long Way,” a song written and performed by Cochise, inspired by Rocket League. The song is available in-game, and players can pick it as a Player Anthem.

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During the event, players can earn Challenge Rewards inspired by Cochise and collect Golden Moons. The Challenge Rewards available during the event are:

  • Cochise Decal (Breakout)
  • Cochise Player Banner
  • Inspection Decal (Octane)
  • Inspection Topper
  • Inspection Avatar Border
  • Pocket Rocket Topper
  • Pocket Rocket Player Banner
  • Mr. Professor Wheels
  • Turn It Up Player Anthem
  • Long Way Player Anthem
  • Players can check the shop for the following free items:
  • “The Inspector” Player Title
  • Cochise Antenna
  • Pocket Rocket Player Anthem (200 Credits)

What are Golden Moons in Rocket League?

Golden Moons, previously known as Golden rewards, are a series of rewards that players can earn by playing the game. The Golden Moons can be used to unlock items from the Zephyr, Victory, and Overdrive Item Series’.

Each player can earn up to five Golden Moons by playing online matches. For every 20 online matches completed, a player will earn a Golden Moon. This mission repeats five times for a total of 100 online matches.

100 matches sound like a lot, but considering the rewards, it is worth the effort. Players that have opened drops received Party Time Goal Explosion (Black Market), Diomedes Wheels (Very Rare), Kyrios Wheels (Import), and many other high-quality items. Once you complete the challenge, the Golden Moons will show up in your inventory.

Neon Nights Limited Modes

Neon Nights features the Spike Rush game mode. In this mode, all cars are covered in spikes, and whoever skewers the ball loses the ability to boost. This limitation allows the other team to intercept the ball.

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The second mode available is Speed Demon. In this mode, all players receive an unlimited double-strength boost, demos on contact, a one-second respawn timer, and supercharged ball speed. You will need quick reflexes to keep up with everything going on in this mode.

Can you play Rocket League on PC?

Rocket League is available on different platforms, including PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Rocket League’s cross platform play is enabled by default, so you can team up with your friends, even if you don’t have the same devices.

How much GB is Rocket League?

On PC, players need a minimum of 20 GB available to install Rocket League. For Nintendo Switch users, the requirement is 4.8 GB.

Is Rocket League free?

Yes, Rocket League is free on every device. The way Rocket League earns money is through in-game sales of cosmetic items. It is not a pay-to-win game, players can use all basic items, and it won’t change the result of the matches.


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