What are all the locations for G’s Caches in GTA Online?

By Melany Moncada


Mar 4, 2023

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There is a new way to get free cash, ammo, and snacks in GTA Online. G’s Caches are a daily drop that players cannot miss.

If you encounter a suspicious package around Los Santos, don’t be afraid, it’s just G’s Caches in GTA Online. These are the new daily drops added as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update.

The cache spawns on a daily basis in one of 15 possible locations. It can be identified on the map as the purple box with a black question mark. The icon will show up for players when they enter the Freed Mode session. The location is unique for each player.

Each package contains ammo, snacks, RP, and between $15,000 and $22,250.

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G’s Caches Locations in GTA Online

The location changes every day to one of the following:

  1. Legion Square
  2. Vespucci Beach skate park
  3. Jay & Son, El Burro Boulevard, Elysian Fields Freeway, El Burro Heights
  4. Mirror Park lake, Mirror Park
  5. Decker Park, Little Seoul
  6. University of San Andres, Los Santos Richman
  7. Chumash Historic Family Pie, Chumash
  8. Galileo Observatory, Vinewood Hills
  9. Palmer-Taylor Power Station
  10. Hill Valley Church, Great Chaparral
  11. Senora National Park, Grand Senora Desert
  12. Grapeseed Rail Terminus Union Road, Grapeseed
  13. Millar’s Fishery Co, Galilee
  14. Bayview Lodge, Paleto Forest
  15. Railyard Clucking Bell Farms, Paleto Bay
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When players arrive at the location, the search zone will be visible on the mini-map and marked as a white circle. Players must search the area for the package and will hear a beeping sound when they get closer.

G’s Caches are free but not free of risk. It is possible that law enforcement is tracking the packages, ready to catch whoever picks them. Police officers will wait until the players pick up the package before showing themselves. Players will get a two-star wanted level for it.


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