We know Red Dead Redemption 3 leaks are fake, and this is how

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 15, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Red Dead Redemption 3 is likely on the horizon, but recent leaks from a small online retailer are almost definitely fake. This is how we know.

French video game retailer Instant Gaming has published an online store page for Red Dead Redemption 3. The site lists an expected release date of 2026 with no other information provided. The Red Dead Redemption community is now ablaze with speculation, but unfortunately for digital cowboys everywhere, the leaks are almost certainly fake. Here’s why fans of Red Dead Redemption should hold their horses for the time being.

Fake Red Dead Redemption 3 leaks ignore Rockstar timeline

Considering that Rockstar Games is confirmed to be developing multiple other titles, the leaks for Red Dead Redemption 3 are very likely fake.

Based on insider information and public statements from Rockstar Games, the American game development studio is currently wrapped up in early design for Grand Theft Auto 6. The previous GTA game took almost three years and over $250 million to make final. Any sequel will take just as much time if not longer due to upgraded hardware and consumer expectations. Leakers currently peg GTA6 as a potential 2025 release.

If Red Dead Redemption 3 immediately began development after the release of GTA6, it would still take multiple years to develop. Even if early design is complete by the time of GTA6’s release, development could still take between three and four more years. This would be extremely quick for a company that has only released three original games in the last decade. This also ignores other projects that Rockstar could work on, such as multiple remasters or a long-rumored sequel to Bully.

Low-quality RDR3 leaked listing doesn’t bring confidence

In addition to ignoring the expected timeline for AAA video game development, the quality of the RDR3 leaks indicates that they are entirely fake. The image on the website is just stitched-together art from previous Red Dead Redemption games. The website also lists a remaster of the first Red Dead Redemption game for 2022. Rockstar has not announced plans to release a remastered version of that game, especially not in the current year.

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If any retailer were to have advanced knowledge of Red Dead Redemption 3, Instant Gaming is an unlikely pick. The relatively obscure French retailer isn’t exactly high on the list of gaming publications. Most accidental leaks of this nature are retracted as soon as people start to notice. The current webpage is still up for all to see, and Rockstar has yet to comment.

While the success of the Red Dead Redemption series points to an eventual third game, the supposed leaks indicating a 2026 release are probably just meant to draw attention to Instant Gaming.