New Grand Theft Auto game GTA 6 gets 2025 release date estimate

Kenneth Williams • June 30, 2021 1:13 pm

According to a prolific industry insider, Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently in development with a possible release year of 2025.

High-profile leaker Tom Henderson has unveiled new details about Grand Theft Auto 6. He claims that the game is in the early development phase with a likely release date of 2025. 

The game will reportedly feature a modern setting as opposed to the 80s Miami throwback that was previously rumored. A modern setting will be easier for Rockstar to create and update in the game’s post-launch support. Grand Theft Auto 5 is easily Rockstar’s highest-earning game, accruing $6 billion over its lifetime through initial purchases and downloadable content. Vice City is still intended to appear in GTA6 in some capacity.

Key features updated from Grand Theft Auto 5 include an evolving map that adapts to new DLC and a full story mode with multiple playable characters. The only confirmed character is hacker who acts as the group’s strategist. She will be the first woman to star in a Grand Theft Auto story.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is planned to release on all major gaming platforms with no word on last-gen console inclusion. The current Playstation 5 and Xbox Series S and X shortage will hopefully be alleviated by 2025.

What is the GTA 6 release date?

A 2025 release date is significantly later than previous estimations that placed GTA 6’s release date around 2023 or 2024. Part of the cited reason for the four-year development cycle is developer Rockstar Games’ emphasis on developer health. Several studios including CD Projekt Red and Ubisoft have been accused of overworking employees during crunch. The leaks cited concern with worker wellbeing as part of the 2025 GTA 6 release plan. 2025 is also not an official number, and is only Tom Henderson’s educated guess.

Rockstar also has other projects to finish before devoting itself fully to a new Grand Theft Auto title. Its Cold War stealth-action game Agent is still in development with no release date announced. Grand Theft Auto 5 is still receiving constant updates to its online features. Considering the massive success of GTA 5, it’s understandable that Rockstar’s developers would take their time.


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