Watch s1mple score three knife kills in a row on stream

By Nick Johnson


Dec 3, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Natus Vincere might not have much to do until they face FURIA on December 15, but star player Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev sure is keeping busy.

Breaking up his usual routine of pugging Counter-Strike: Global Offensive games on its defusal maps, s1mple took a holiday over to famed hostage map Office. For s1mple, the objective was make his opponents look silly. In the span of a single killing spree, s1mple managed to tally three knife kills against the defending team, and they weren’t all backstabs, either. Sneaking up on an enemy is one thing, but s1mple showed off some excellent movement and incredible patience, especially on the final knife of the three.

s1mple knives three players in a single round of Office

s1mple shut down the enemy team with three knife kills while attcking on one of Counter-Strike’s oldest, and coldest, maps. Office flips the script, having the CTs attack a building with the objective of rescuing the hostage. But instead of playing the objective, s1mple decided to play a different game. His opponents certaintly helped him out on what felt like a “get three knife kills on Office” operation mission, but even s1mple couldn’t believe when he got the final of the three knives.

s1mple 3 knife in a row from r/GlobalOffensive

It was just another day at the office for one of the world’s best players.

How much damage does a knife actually do in CSGO?

Knife kills can be a tricky move to pull off in CSGO thanks to the way the game’s hitboxes are designed, but s1mple has already pulled off this trick before. A stab to the back is an instant kill, but a face-to-face knife battle takes two left-swipes and then a slower right-click to finish off an enemy. Liqupedia’s CSGO section has a handy chart that breaks down knife damage in the popular shooter.

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It didn’t look like s1mple was taking math into account when he went for him knife kills that left him laughing in his chair. The knives happened in matchmaking as well, meaning that anyone in s1mple’s region could run into the professional player until Na`Vi starts competition again. And no one wants to run into s1mple in matchmaking.