Watch Akshan revive his entire team after an enemy pentakill

Reading time: 2 min

Players in solo queue are slowly starting to become morefamiliar with the unique mechanics of the newest League of Legends champion, Akshan. But a recent play shows why there is still a lot to learn, especially around Akshan’s revive mechanic. 

In a play that quickly started trending on social media, a Kindred player got a pentakill that ended up costing the game for his team. Usually, a pentakill will mean an instant path to a victory, but this isn’t necessarily the case against Akshan. In this clip, Akshan was the last enemy to die in the pentakill as he managed to take down the Kindred while falling. This resulted in Akshan’s whole team reviving in an instant to turn a game that looked completely lost. 

The reason why all the enemies revived after Akshan got his kill on Kindred is Akshan’s passive, Going Rogue (W). This passive turns opponents into Scoundrels when they kill one of Akshan’s allies. If Akshan manages to kill a designated Scoundrel, he revives all allies that were killed by that player. 

Since the Kindred player had previously killed all four of Akshan’s teammates, it was crucial for Akshan to take down Kindred before he died himself. In the clip, Akshan gets a bit of help from his own fountain as the Kindred tries to dive in for the last kill to complete the penta. 

What the Kindred likely didn’t think about is the fact that Akshan would revive all teammates and suddenly be able to turn the game completely on its head. The four respawns caught the Kindred’s team completely off guard before they were able to finish attacking the Nexus. 

As this happened very late into the game, the mass revival was enough to get Akshan’s team back into the game and ultimately win despite the long odds. All because of the crucial revives from Akshan, which only happened based on a bit of greed from the opposing Kindred. 

This likely won’t be the last mind-boggling play from Akshan as he continues to be played more on Summoner’s Rift. It’s also likely that crazy plays will happen as soon as the new champion is unleashed on the professional stage.