War Hammer Titan in AoT

War Hammer in AoT: All we know about the unique Titan

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 3, 2023

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Attack on Titan has a rich history that you can’t catch up to in a single sitting, but starting with the War Hammer Titan is a great place to jump in.

Titans are fantastic, but Eren Yeager’s War Hammer Titan is in a league of its own. The bigger-than-life titan is capable of building cities and destroying them. Fortunately, one of the most potent beasts ends up in good hands, but it only took several hundred years. If you’re new to anime and Attack on Titan, fret not, as you can get up to speed with War Hammer’s storied history in just a few minutes. 

Who is War Hammer Titan in AoT? 

The War Hammer Titan is one of the original Nine Titans in the Attack on Titan series. It is a powerful titan that can create structures using a long cord-like structure that grows from its feet. 

Unlike other titans, the War Hammer Titan has a special place in AoT for its history and final owner. In the series, the War Hammer Titan is wielded by the head of the Tybur family, who use its power to influence world events from behind the scenes. The most prominent holder of the War Hammer Titan in the series is Willy Tybur, who is responsible for the declaration of war against Paradis Island and the ensuing battle with Eren Yeager and the Survey Corps.

Who has the War Hammer Titan?

Eren Yeager is the current owner of the War Hammer Titan. Before War Hammer, Eren had the Attack Titan, which he inherited from his father Grisha Yeager.

Eren was motivated to end the cruelty after watching a titan eat his mother alive during the Fall of Wall Maria. Before joining the cause, he wasn’t aware of his inherited power but eventually learned about Eldian Restorationists and his father’s effort to enable the Eldians against the Marleyan government. After acquiring the War Hammer Titan, Eren becomes extremely powerful, capable of fighting dozens of titans at once.

Does the War Hammer Titan die?

Yes and no. War Hammer Titan, in its true form, does die in the series, but only to get blended into Eren’s power as the founding titan. 

The owner of War Hammer, Willy Tylbur, reveals the history of the Eldian people and the titans and declares war on Paradis Island. During this public gathering, Eren attacks Willy in his Attack Titan form, ultimately defeating the War Hammer. This action-packed scene ends with Eren Eager claiming War Hammer Titan. At the end of the battle, the War Hammer Titan’s power is added to Eren’s existing powers as the Attack Titan and Founding Titan, making him even more powerful and setting the stage for the climactic events of the series’ final arc.

Who had the War Hammer Titan before Eren?

Willy Tyber in AoT

After Willy dies, the powers of War Hammer Titan are transferred to his younger sister Lara Tybur. Before Willy, it is unknown who held the War Hammer Titan, as the Tybur family only inherited it recently from the Fritz family.

Lara was the final owner of the War Hammer Titan before Eren beat her and claimed the titan with the help of Mikasa Ackerman. After Eren consumes Lara, the powers of War Hammer blend into Eren’s Attack Titan, making him one of the most powerful titans in AoT. 

What are the powers of War Hammer Titan?

War Hammer Titan is one of the most powerful titans in AoT for his ability to create objects and be self-sufficient. Here are some things War Hammer Titan is capable of.

  • The War Hammer Titan can create a variety of structures, such as spikes, spears, and even entire buildings, by manipulating its hardened titan flesh. 
  • With its power to control the hardened flesh, War Hammer Titan can create weapons such as hammers, swords, and shields. These weapons are highly durable and can withstand attacks from other titans.
  • The War Hammer Titan possesses incredible strength and agility, allowing it to move quickly and deal devastating blows to its enemies.
  • A unique ability of War Hammer is that the owner can handle the titan from outside. The human body will be encased in hardened crystal and connected to the titan through a cord. It’s both a blessing and a curse, as the owner is vulnerable to external attacks while in this form. 

Why did Eren eat War Hammer Titan?

War Hammer Titan in AoT

In order to gain the powers of a titan after killing it, it’s crucial to eat them. Eren ate the War Hammer Titan to gain its power and complete his plan to save his people on the island of Paradis. During the public gathering, Eren already had the power of the Founding Titan and the Attack Titan. Still, he needed the power of the War Hammer Titan to be more potent.

So, that’s all the critical information you need about War Hammer Titan in AoT. Currently, in the timeline, War Hammer is dead or blended into Eren Yeager, who’s also in the hold of the founding titan formerly owned by Ymir Fritz. 

Is War Hammer the most powerful Titan?

War Hammer is a unique titan, but definitely not the strongest. When the founding titan Ymir Fritz died, her power was divided into nine different titans, all capable of incredible things. Out of all of them, War Hammer has the unique power to create massive structures, but it comes with a catch. The owner stays stationary, utterly vulnerable to an attack. 

Compared to War Hammer, Eren’s Attack Titan, Colossal Titan, and Armored Titan are physically much brawnier. While the former may strategize with structure and have an advantage due to weapon creation, the other titans can overpower him with their size and potential to destroy. 


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