Voting for the 2020 All-Star Event has opened

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It’s time to vote for the 2020 League of Legends All-Star participants. 

Riot recently announced that the annual All-Star event will take place on December 18 to 20 with a new format. The new format includes battles between neighboring regions and a lot of fun game modes as usual. The LCS and LEC will clash in an All-Stars match, while the LCK and LPL have been paired as the two major regions in the east. 

As always, fans are able to decide which players should represent each region. The voting has recently begun and will run until November 17. In that time, fans can go vote for their favorite player in each role. It will be possible to vote for players in all regions, but votes are weighted higher from the home region. 

This means that everyone can have a say in all professional players that participates, unlike previous years where it has only been possible to vote for home-region players. 

Riot notes that players in China will be voting in their LPL representatives a bit later, which means that the LPL results will be slightly delayed compared to the other regions. 

The players who gets voted in from each region will create a 2020 All-Star team. These teams will play in the All-Star best-of-three showdown against the neighboring region. This will likely be the highlights of the event where fans get to see the most popular players from each region play together. 

The professional players will also participate in the annual 1v1 tournament and other fun game modes that take place over the course of the All-Star weekend. 

The 2020 All-Star Event kicks off on Friday, December 18. 


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