Volcanic Wukong on 99% sale for awarness of Taal Volcano’s danger

By Marta Juras


Jan 16, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Garena, an organization that runs League of Legends servers in Southeast Asia, is working to increase awareness of the dangers from the Taal Volcano’s activity.

With the Philippines facing the activation of Taal Volcano, the game provider decided to decrease the cost of the Volcanic Wukong skin on the PH server to one Riot Point. With the sale of the skin, Garena is spreading news of safety among League players, explaining how they can better protect themselves. This includes proper protection of skin, eyes, and lungs, and asking for the word to be spread further.

The campaign resulted in an overwhelmingly positive response from players that often criticize Garena, who are now thanking the organization not only for a nearly free skin, but also for raising awareness of the hazards of volcanic activity.

League players wish Riot would do more in-game sale promotions

Though Garena has often been in the spotlight for wrong reasons, such as including loot boxes for limited skin sales and lack of data reveal from the League server, the decision to significantly lower the cost of Volcanic Wukong resulted in Garena getting praise and the community turning towards Riot Games.

Players are wondering how strong an influence Riot could’ve had if the developer did something similar on the servers it runs. For example, with Australia suffering massive bushfires, players asked why Figherfighter Tristana wasn’t put on sale to raise the awareness of the catastrophe happening there.

On the other hand, Riot has been well aware of its responsibility towards society, and often takes part in charitable campaigns. The developer introduced Dawnbringer Karma last month, a skin for which all of the proceedings get forwarded to a charity. Riot Games Social Impact Fund also donated $10,000 to Bahamas Relief Foundation during former Echo Fox owner Rick Fox’s stream.

But the community is making a point that this different. What the players are asking for isn’t more charity work from Riot, but promotions such as Garena’s Wukong sale that will spread the word and make the players more aware of how to stay safe.