Viego and Gwen will be enabled for the 2021 LEC Summer Split start

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The wait has been long, but Viego and Gwen will finally be enabled in competitive play. 

With the 2021 LEC Summer Split kicking off next week, it was recently announced that Viego and Gwen will be enabled. Viego will be the more-anticipated champion of the two, as he has been disabled since his release in January due to a variety of game-breaking bugs. At long last, Riot is confident enough to unleash Viego onto the competitive scene.   

For Gwen, she will enter the competitive stage after being released in the middle of April. Gwen was disabled in the domestic playoffs as well as the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational. Now, over a month after her release, the Hallowed Seamstress will finally be up for grabs among Europe’s best teams. 

Both Viego and Gwen have already had their competitive debut in the European Regional League and the LCS Academy league. So far, Gwen has been the more coveted pick of the two. She has already been picked several times in the Spanish LVP league as well as in the LCS Academy.    

Gwen has been used as a top laner on the competitive stage but she might see play in other roles. In solo queue, Gwen is currently used as a strong flex pick that can play in top, mid, and jungle. Her win rates are the best in top lane with a 49.98% win rate, but it’s not unthinkable that some teams will flex her into other roles. 

The same goes for Viego, who is seen in the same three roles in solo queue currently. While Viego is most popular in the jungle, he is performing best as a top laner in Platinum ranks and above. Where the professional LEC teams will play him is still unknown, but expect some Viego action from the most confident players in the league. 

The LEC will kick off on June 11 with an exciting match between MAD Lions and G2 Esports.