Big changes are coming to Valorant’s in-game ping system

By Olivia Richman


Aug 10, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Valorant developers are planning to improve in-game communication through the implementation of a new ping system. 

Like most competitive first-person shooter titles, Valorant relies heavily on teammates being able to communicate properly, whether it’s by speaking with microphones or using quick in-game pings. While most players prefer to use voice comms, pinging teammates can sometimes be more effective. A quick “on my way” can alert teammates without the need for excessive dialogue in situations that don’t call for it, while “caution” can immediately warn players of danger, potentially avoiding an elimination. 

Currently, pressing “Z” will bring up some useful pings in Valorant. But one player raised some important concerns over social media regarding the shortcomings of Valorant’s ping system. 

Valorant ping system

Valorant updating ping system

A Valorant player took to Reddit to discuss some critiques of the game’s current ping system. They explained that the in-game communication system isn’t adequate, especially for deaf and mute Valorant fans. 

While they said that no comm and ping system is “perfect,” they noted that Valorant’s system isn’t as streamlined as Apex Legends’ pings, even though Valorant is more demanding game in terms of coordination between teammates. They went on to explain that pings should be able to target specific areas on the map, like the Boat House in Ascent. Ideally, the pinged location would also be written out in the text chat automatically. This would make pinging locations a bit more accurate and effective. 

They also wanted a better way to ping while using Cypher or Sova’s abilities, since they didn’t seem to “work or register more than half the time.” 

“If it was possible to have a customizable chat wheel [like in Dota 2] then it’s fine that it doesn’t have any voice over whatsoever. Heck, you don’t have to open or close and add a file into the game and just make it an option in the game where all we need to do is type what we want to put in the custom chat wheel and you’re done,” the player suggested.

Others in the Valorant community chimed in. One Redditor stated that Valorant’s current system was “very poor.” 

The original poster, a selectively mute player, stated in the comments they hoped the changes would be implemented in order to give players like them a chance to be more competitive in ranked. 

“I know we’re a minority case, the ones who’re physically mute and deaf, but I think it helps guys who just have reasons to not use their mic but also want to relay info,” they explained. 

Riot developers saw the thread and were quick to respond. 

Valorant ping update

One Riot developer said the Valorant team is already “in the process of creating an initial round of new lines for major regions on the maps.” They also explained that “more tactical voice over” updates are coming. 

“The regions already appear in chat, but having the characters say the regions out loud will make a big difference. We plan to add a lot more ‘tactical [voice over]’ over time,” the Riot developer explained. 

Valorant also hinted that customizable options for the radio communication system are also in the works. This would allow players to use a numerical system to access their ping wheel comms. 

Besides addressing concerns and noting that changes are on the way, developers didn’t reveal too much more on the specifics of these updates. They told the Valorant community that there would be more information on the ping improvements in the “coming months.” 


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