Valorant’s new skin bundle EGO set, new knife variants to come

By Nick Johnson


Sep 15, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

A tweet from the official Valorant Twitter account for its new skin line EGO is a perfect time to step up the knife game. 

Titled “Feed Your Ego,” the tweet featured a wireframe outline of one of the game’s new knives from the upcoming EGO by OneTap skin collection, set to drop on live servers on Septemeber 17. The skins themselves are impressive, with stark color schemes across the board. As per the name, the collection features new skins for each of the game’s most powerful weapons in each class, and most can kill with a single bullet.

What weapon skins are in Valorant’s EGO by OneTap skin collection?

The EGO collection features new Valorant skins the most powerful weapon in each class. That said, both the sniper rifles and light machine guns have been left out of the EGO by OneTap collection:

  • Ghost
  • Vandal
  • Stinger
  • Guardian

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The collection comes in at a grand total of 7,100 VP, the game’s currency that players can earn simply by playing. The EGO collection is part of Valorant’s Premium Edition skin line, meaning that each skin will cost players 1,775 VP. But EGO’s new knife, inscribed with the Japanese character for “warrior,” will set players back 3,550 VP. In addition to the skins, the EGO line will also include a player card, gun buddy, and spray. Each weapon also comes in two other variants, one featuring a red and black color scheme and another one that trends towards a pastel palette. 

When will Valorant players get more knife variants?

Valorant devs also responded to a question about Valornat’s knife variants, the premium skins that give the game’s knives custom animations. There are only a few currently available to players at the moment, but Valorant developers teased that more knife animations and special variants are coming soon.

“For one of our upcoming skin lines, we’re going to test out variants on melee weapons… We’ll evaluate and determine what is needed from our end to pursue variants on future melees, if it’s something that players really want,developers said.

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There’s enormous potential for knife variants in Valorant. One of the best ideas would be a knife that keeps track of how many kills a player has gotten over the course of a round, with its draw animation or weapon graphics becoming more intricate and noticeable as a player’s killstreak grows. Whatever Riot decides to do in regard to knife variants, however, the developers say that more variants are definitely on their way.