Valorant’s new agent Astra can pull campers out of Bind’s teleporters

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 6, 2021

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Astra swished in Valorant with tons of new skills, but her ability to root out campers tops the list. 

The fourth controller and 15th agent is a breath of fresh air in Valorant’s current meta, which was dominated by the five aggressive duelists. Yoru’s recruitment in the roster only bolstered the duelist roster, leaving the ability aspect of Riot’s shooter in the shade. The addition of a versatile controller balances out the game to a massive extent, bringing the spotlight back to agent skills and powers. 

Astra’s kit mirrors a little of every agent’s ability. She can concuss, smoke, lockdown a site. However, her Gravity Well is a unique addition to the Valorant ability collection. The tornado-like power is used to pull in agents into a centre, earning Astra and her teammates an aim advantage. 

Apart from centring enemies into a pre-placed nano swarm or Viper’s Molotov, Astra can also pull out campers. 

How to deal with campers on Bind using Astra 

Bind map’s teleporter can wreck the fun in competitive and unranked games alike. Instead of using it as a shortcut or executing flanks, players often camp inside the doors to ambush opponents. Astra has the perfect antidote for campers. 

A Valorant player g_boi experimented around with Astra’s ability on Bind and succeeded to annihilate the campers. 

Deleting Teleporter Camps with Astra from r/VALORANT

To replicate this in the game, move into Astra’s Astral Form by pressing X and leave a star on predictable spots. For example, Bind teleporters. Make sure you’ve placed the star on the edge of the door. Activate it into a Gravity Well to draw enemies outside of the teleporter. Opponents are entirely exposed to the Gravity Well so if campers hide inside teleports, they’ll undoubtedly be caught short. 

The radius of the well is large enough to enfold almost half of the teleporter. With the sharp star-carrying power of Gravity Well, enemies inside teleports would be skating on thin ice. Likely, they won’t dare try out the camping tactic again after falling into Astra’s tornado once. 

Who’s the 15th Valorant agent? 

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Riot Games’ latest addition to the controller roster is the handler of stars and space, Astra. The celestial agent equips stars that can be transformed into a Gravity well, concuss, or smokes. Her re-deployable stars and infinite control over the map has seated her as one of the most potent controllers to date. 

Her ultimate makes her supremely powerful as she can split the universe into two parts. The impregnable wall swallows bullets and dampens audio. 


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