Valorant releases 2021 Champion’s Tour starting dates

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Valorant has released the start dates for their much-anticipated Champion’s Tour. 

The Champion’s Tour is Valorant’s biggest esports tournament. It will take place over several smaller, international tournaments. Starting with Challengers, which is Valorant’s regional competition, teams and players will fight their way thorugh the ranks to make it to the next tier, which is Valorant Masters. In Masters, the top teams from each region will fight to take their place in the highest tier, Valorant Champions.

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When does Valorant Challengers start? 

The first stage of the Valorant Champions tour, Challengers, will start in North America on February 3 and end February 7. There are 10 different regions that will compete in the Valorant Challenger’s stage, and their start dates are as follows:

  • Brazil: January 30
  • CIS: February 11
  • Europe: February 11
  • Japan: Not yet released
  • Korea: January 30
  • Latin America: January 26
  • North America: February 3-7
  • Middle East/North Africa: Not yet released
  • Southeast Asia: February 5
  • Turkey: Febraury 11

Will Valorant Champion’s Tour be a LAN event?

From the Episode 2 Valorant stream, fans now know that the Champion’s Tour will hopefully be a LAN event sometime in 2021, but there is no word on exactly when they will start doing LAN events again. LAN events will take place “as soon as possible.” 

The final tier of the tournament, the Champion’s Tour, will be a two-week event, and planning for the event has already started. Riot has said that it is putting a significant effort into it, so fans are in for a good time when it comes time. There is no word on when that event will take place, if it will be an in-person event, and if it is, or if fans will be able to be in attendance. 

The next two tiers of the Champion’s Tour will mark the first international tournament in the game’s esports history. 

All of the first Challengers events will have an open qualification system, which means any team can compete to earn their spot. More information on the upcoming tournaments has yet to be revealed. 


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