Valorant pro shows off an insane wall bang spot on Breeze

Fariha Bhatti • July 30, 2021 3:16 pm

This new wall bang spot will make your enemies think twice before planting the Spike. 

Wall banging is a common tactic that players utilize to wound enemies through walls and other materials from a safe position. This tactic can either be used to damage the opponent or to keep them away from a particular position. Fortunately, Valorant has plenty of paper walls that you can shoot through and catch enemies off-guard. 

Valorant players don’t shy away from exploiting fragile walls, but Breeze is still new to having popular “bangable” spots. Thanks to Team Liquid pro player Dom “soulcas” Sulcas, a new wall bang on Breeze has come into public view, and it’s deadlier than any before. 

In a game against TenStar at VCT 3 EU Challengers 2 against, Soulcas found himself in an awkward one-versus-two situation, and was stuck in Breeze’s A-main. The enemy Cypher and Viper spared no effort to get to the Spike and defuse it. Viper successfully reached the Spike, which was planted for a right-pyramid corner, a spot impossible for Soulcas to watch with Cypher aleady eyeing him. To keep Viper away, Soulcas spammed his Operator through metal doors and injured the enemy to low health. Another bullet would have finished off Viper if Cypher hadn’t obstructed his mission, assisting his teammate in defusing the package. 

While Soulcas failed to win the round due to the timer, it was evident that this wall bang is powerful. Here’s how you can do it in the game. 

  • Plant the Spike for the right Pyramid, which is a safer spot than an open plant. 
  • Take position outside A main, behind the right metal wall. 
  • Shoot in the area between the metal strip and right-side wall, as shown in the image. 

There’s nothing better than one-upping your enemies with an old fashioned wall bang. Especially in a one-versus-one or one-versus-two situation, this tactic can help you gain an edge without putting yourself in harm’s way. This particular wall bang could be super helpful in clutch situations.

Is Cypher a good agent to play on Breeze? 

Cypher is a great agent to watch flanks, but on a large map like Breeze, his toolkit may come up short. While his camera can still be helpful, the rest of his equipment may fail to deliver. If you want to use a Sentinel, try picking Sage, who can play passively while contributing by boosting her team’s health. Generally speaking, Initiators should be your top pick to win games on Breeze.


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