Valorant pro Okeanos cut for leaking explicit underage pictures

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant team Virtuoso has dropped its fresh recruit Anthony “Okeanos” Nguyen after community backlash over the player’s past wrongdoings. 

Team Virtuoso recently announced its comeback into the professional Valorant scene with a new roster. However, community backlash over new member Okeanos’ past has resulted in Virtuoso cutting him off after just two days with his new team. The team is once again looking for a fifth player to complete its Valorant roster. 

On November 27, Virtuosa announced the signing of the final two pieces to complete its Valorant roster. One of them was Okeanos, who has been accused of distributing explicit images of his ex-girlfriend Rachel on discord servers. Both Okeanos and Rachel were underage at the time when the photos were shared, then aged 16 and 17, respectively. The accusations are well-known in the Valorant community, which resulted in scathing criticism against the Virtuosa organization for the recruitment of Okeanos. 

Who is Okeanos in Valorant? 

Okeanos is a Valorant player who was kicked from Team Virtuoso for having previously distributed personal pictures of ex-girlfriend Rachel when she was underage. 

Okeanos’ ex-girlfriend Rachel first came forward with allegations against Okeanos in July 2021. According to her Twitlonger, the couple dated for one month, after which he shared her pictures on a discord server without her consent. Rachel was only 16 years of age at the time, while Okeanos was 17 and turned 18 shortly after the episode. 

“Okeanos turns 18 in November, and I am currently newly turned 16 years old,” Rachel said. “I am a minor and under the age of consent, so sharing my pictures is illegal. Okeanos is well aware of my age and did not ask for my consent for sharing this explicit photo.” 

Two days after the social media backlash, the organization dropped its new player. Okeanos later took to Twitter and confirmed the accusations levied against him. The pro player said he had already apologized to Rachel and had faced severe consequences including losing his school scholarship. He said that he has sought out therapy and has vowed “to change.”

Both Okeanos and Rachel have released their own statements, confirming that they’re now trying to move on from the incident. However, it’s unlikely that Okeanos will be able to reenter the Valorant pro scene any time soon considering the community response.