Valorant players should avoid this bugged spot on Fracture

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 20, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The newest map Fracture is giving players a hard time with its complicated alleys and a bug that makes weapons useless. 

Riot Games recently expanded the map pool with an H-shaped location Fracture that received a mixed reaction from the first-person shooter community. Players are still making sense of the double spawn design, but it is not just the map complexity that makes Fracture a nuisance. This new bug creates an invisible wall in front of bullets, rebounding them. 

The attacker side bridge is a common angle that players hold to watch flanks. Often Killjoy places her turret around this area and holds a corner to defend backlines. However, this new glitch messes up your spray, ricocheting bullets as if a solid object is blocking them. The video shows that there’s nothing in the front, but shots are being dodged. 

From the corner, players have a wide area to shoot through. Rocks provide cover from the side, but the front is shrouded with plants. In Valorant, thin leaves are penetrable, but this bug turns plants into a concrete wall. Bullets now can’t penetrate through a large area that’s covered with greenery. 

It’s a rare bug in Valorant that occurs in various maps. A similar problem exists in Ascent’s tree area, where invisible objects rebound the shells. A variation of this glitch exists on Bind’s hookah, which messes up spray patterns. The bullets fired from a certain angle scatter across the window instead of landing with the crosshair.

On Fracture, it happens in a less critical area, but it’s just as serious. The bug leaves players vulnerable in front of armed enemies. 

These bugged spots have started to become more common in Valorant. While they may not matter as much in the lower level of play, higher ELO ranked games can become a nuisance to play. Riot Games might take notice of these spots in the upcoming Episode and deliver a fix. But for now, players may want to avoid this spot along with other bugged areas in Ascent and Bind. 

How to play Fracture in Valorant?

Fracture is a relatively execute-heavy map but can be pugged away with the right agent picks. Try picking Skye for healing instead of Sage, as attackers often employ hard pushes, which can only be tackled with an equally aggressive approach. It’s a short map with complex alleys, so picking Killjoy and Cypher can be extremely rewarding to watch the flanks.