Valorant player finds high ground spot on Ascent, no abilities needed

Olivia Richman • February 15, 03:12

A Valorant player found a super simple way to get an incredibly advantageous angle on Ascent. 

There’s apparently a way to get to the top of the boxes located in the A Site’s corner without abilities. Most of the previously discovered boosts in Valorant can’t be done without them, but this discovery opens things up in a big way. Players can do this with any agent, but they do still need help from a teammate. 

The first step is getting a teammate to boost the player up. To boost another player, one agent must stand in the corner of the object the teammate is hoping to get on top of. In the corner, make sure to face the object. The other player must stand between their teammate and the object. Face the object, crouch, and then press A or D depending on the other player’s direction. At this point, the booster must hold W, jump, and then crouch immediately after the jump, resulting in the other player getting on top of the object. 

Once the agent is on top of the first box, they can climb up even higher by performing a skill jump. To do so, the agent must stand on the edge of the box and then move slightly to the left. This is followed by a jump. Then the player must press the crouch key and move right at the same time. Let go of the crouch key and move left after a split second. 

If this is done successfully, the agent can reach the highest level of the box. This does require a bit of practice and some mechanical skills but it’s worth the extra practice it takes to master. The top of the box gives agents the perfect opportunity to watch A’s main entrance. Not only that, but the opposing team won’t expect certain agents to be able to get that angle.

Valorant Ascent trick

Even agents with abilities that let them take this position, like Omen and Jett, can benefit from this trick. This saves their abilities for more important moments in the match. 

This is definitely a spot that all agents should practice getting to with help from their teammates. 


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