Valorant patch 8.01 nerfs Skye, fixes Breeze, and more

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 23, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant patch 8.01 brings ample changes to agents and recently tweaked map Breeze, including a heavy nerf for Skye. 

The recent patch 8.01 focuses on balancing agents and playgrounds to fuel a fair game. After experimenting with big map changes, Riot has reverted a significant change on Breeze. But that’s not all. Skye has landed under Riot’s Nerf hammer while ISO sees some much-needed balancing. 

Valorant patch notes 8.01

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Here are all the major changes and updates in Valorant patch 8.01. 

Earlier, Riot created a barrier inside B halls, which limited movement to a massive extent. Now, the developer is reverting the change. B Halls are once again open for business. 

ISO’s toolkit is also getting some attention from Riot. 

  • Double Trap (E)
    • Shootable orb duration increased 2 >>> 3 seconds 
    • Initial buff and shield duration increased 15 >>> 20
    • Shield width reduced 120 >>> 100

Besides all that, Raze is getting louder in patch 8.01. The audio for Raze traveling through the air with Blast Pack is now more audible when she is traveling toward you. 

Valorant patch 8.01: Skye nerfs

In patch 8.01, Skye’s Guiding Light will see big changes. The bait flashes have been removed from the game. The bird will explode into a flash at the maximum duration, and the flash will not regenerate. 

“These changes are centered around pushing Skye to be more intentional with Guiding Light (E). They should create a clearer opportunity cost when taking Skye in comps while also maintaining her uniquely powerful combination of combat advantage and recon within the Initiator role,” Riot explained. 

  • Guiding Light no longer regenerates charges during a round
  • Guiding Light now automatically activates the flash at the end of its lifetime

This Skye nerf may significantly impact her pick rate, which is sky-high at the moment, at least within her category. However, the impact of her utility stays the same, so old-timers may still stick with their main.