Deadlock Valorant

Valorant patch 7.10 finally buffs underrated agent, Deadlock

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 14, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Deadlock is finally getting some love from Riot Games. The developer has delivered a significant buff for Deadlock in the latest Valorant patch, 7.10. 

Deadlock’s cold personality and killer looks weren’t enough to pull Valorant players towards her. Her kit was lacking compared to other sentinels, making her one of the less popular agents in Valorant. The recent buffs aim to make her more meta.

Valorant patch 7.10 significantly buffs the cold sentinel, making her GravNet valuable in slowing down enemies. 

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Deadlocked buffed in Valorant patch 7.10

Deadlock’s GravNet is getting some buffs this patch after being one of her less popular abilities for a long time. Here are all the Deadlock buffs in patch 7.10:

Valorant Patch 7.10 changes
  • Anyone caught by GravNet will now be debuffed indefinitely until they remove it
  • Anyone caught by GravNet will now be affected by increased gravity and a reduction in mobility (Example: GravNet now reduces Jett’s Tailwind (E) distance)
  • GravNet removal time increased 0.85s >>> 1.5s
  • GravNet radius increased 6m >>> 8m

If you’re wondering what’s different, well… everything. Deadlock used to slow down enemies for as long as they were within the GravNet range, which wasn’t much. The slow effect would go away as soon as they walked out of the field. To top it all, Jett and Raze would barely register the impact, thanks to their maneuverability. 

Starting patch 7.10, players will experience a health debuff in the expanded field of GravNet. Not only that, the debuff won’t go away on its own. Players would have to detach the net by removing it manually, making it way more powerful. Here’s how the changes look in-game.

Hopefully, this buff would make Deadlock a viable pick for sentinel players who haven’t paid her much attention since her release. Besides this, the latest patch rolls out some big fixes, tweaks to Jett’s Blade Storm animation, and more.