Valorant esports championship event in LA teased by Riot

Fariha Bhatti • June 23, 02:28

Valorant’s first-ever championship event may take place in Los Angeles, judging from the newest Watch Cinematics. 

The colorful, bubblegum-themed Valorant Year One Anthem dropped various hints about a potential new map and a brand new agent. Fans also noted the subtle mention of the venue for Valorant’s ultimate championship, Valorant Champions. 

The Year One Anthem featured renowned Valorant streamers playing their primary agents on vibrant machines enhanced with colorful effects. A cutscene displayed a rusty Valorant Championship poster plastered on a pillar with Los Angeles as the location. The short scene was hard to catch, but a keen Valorant player managed to take a screenshot. 

The hint was first noticed by Redditor u/shast1k, who shared the image with fellow Valorant players. The suggestion gained traction among the community members, eventually reaching reputable insiders. Upcomer later reported that Riot is working to make these plans a reality.

If it becomes a reality, Valorant Champions will be the game’s biggest LAN event in history. The tournament will be the last chapter in a series of events that has gone from challengers to masters to champions. The game recently had its first LAN event in Reyjkavik, which was a viewership success. The next offline event will be Masters 2, which is slated to happen in Verti Music Hall in Berlin, Germany. 

If the rumors and reports do come true, Los Angeles will host Valorant’s first championship ever. Riot Games has previously hosted numerous esports events in LA, including the League of Legends World Championships in 2012, 2013, and 2016.

Assuming it becomes a reality, Valorant Champions would be one of the biggest esports events of the year. Sentinels has already earned enough points to book a slot to compete in the event. The final installment in the Masters series, Masters 3, will provide another chance for teams around the world to secure a spot through circuit points. Teams can also qualify through Last Chance Qualifiers that will offer up spots up in a number of regions.


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