Valorant data miners find two new planned game modes

Nick Johnson • September 22, 2020 12:08 am

Data miners who had previously unearthed details about Riot Games’ Valorant have now uncovered potential new modes for the popular shooter.

Three slots were found in Valorant’s patch 1.08, and one of them might bring Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s community-retake mode to Valorant. Referred to as “SiteRush” in the tweet, Valorant data miners Valor Leaks tweeted that it had also found two modes named only “Alt 5” and “Alt 6” inside Valorant’s patch files. Retake game modes offer players action even faster than Valorant’s fast-paced Spike Rush but from the opposite side, with the defenders having to assault a site that attackers have control of.

The game mode is very popular amongst CSGO players, who use the game mode to practice retaking a bombsite and to improve their competitive skills. CSGO developers have never implemented the mode into the official game, but Counter-Strike’s developer tools have enabled players to set up retake servers. 

Valorant’s data mined game modes are new, hint at 7 total

While the game mode “Alt 5” had no data associated with it, “Alt 6” did. It included power-up orbs similar to those in Spike Rush. It also included pickups that heal the player, although it is unclear if these orbs refer to specific characters due to the way Valorant handles the orbs inside the game’s code. With Valorant locked down by Vanguard and without Riot’s own feedback, it could be that all orbs are neutral until they’re picked up by a character, at which point they become specific to them.

Luckily for Valorant’s fans, the numbers add up. The game currently offers four distinct modes that would warrant their own setups, meaning that the new modes probably aren’t repeated or misnamed code:

  1. Training Range
  2. Deathmatch
  3. Casual 
  4. Competitive

Valorant’s 1.08 patch also came with a surprise buff to the Guardian’s accuracy recovery rate and price as well fixes for the game’s map rotation that could wind up having some players play the same map multiple times in a row. But with “SiteRush” at least being workshopped by Riot internally, it’s likely that the game might see at least one addition to its already popular four modes in the coming months.


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