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Valkyrie’s Heirloom revealed in a massive Apex Legends leak

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 28, 2022

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A massive Apex Legends leak has provided fans a good look at Valkyrie’s upcoming Heirloom, showing off animations in the practice range.

Heirlooms are among the most sought-after items in Apex Legends. These legend-specific cosmetics are tough to acquire due to their rarity since they are only released once per season. For the same reason, not all Apex Legends characters have their own Heirlooms yet.

However, a leak suggests that Valkyrie is the next to get her rare item. The recon legend will soon be getting her melee, according to the March 22 leak

Valkyrie getting own Heirloom cosmetic item 

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Valkyrie mains have been waiting for a unique custom item since the legend’s release in Season 9. Finally, fans can rejoice now that Valkyrie’s traditional Japanese spear might be the next Heirloom cosmetic item. The source has been correct so far, which is why Valkyrie mains are so hopeful.

A sizeable leak brimming with around one year of content dropped the first look at Crypto’s Heirloom, which turned out to be accurate. The Baiwon blade in the signature green palette was first revealed in the same leak and was later confirmed by EA’s official release. According to the same mystery leaker, Valkyrie is next to get her own rare spear. 

The same folder revealed a video featuring Valkyrie’s unique melee. It appears from the video that the straight-headed spear is still under development. From the structure, it looks to be inspired by the Yari, a traditionally-made Japanese blade. Valkyrie’s Japanese mother heavily impacted her upbringing, so it makes sense for her to have a traditional spear as her Heirloom. 

The untextured melee had a plain grey color in the leak, which suggested that it was incomplete. The mythic-tier items are often are generally bedecked with unique gadgets, complex animations, and bright colors. This means Valkyrie’s grey spear is likely undergoing some work and will be completed soon. So far, the audio of Valkyrie slashing the dummy gives away the material of the spear. It appears to be made from metal or steel. 

The size is also pretty massive as it raises above Valkyrie’s head. The rod is also attached with buttons that can adjust the size of the blade. But it is currently under underdevelopment and the final product may vary. Players will have to wait for Season 13 to finally enjoy Valkyrie’s highly anticipated Heirloom in its proper form. 


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