Use this Sova ultimate trick in Haven to fool enemy team

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 9, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Haven can be a menace to tackle on the defender’s side. But this little Sova trick might make holding point A a bit easier. 

Haven’s triple point layout heavily favors the attackers. While all points are hard to defend, A site is particularly complicated, especially if the enemy team has smokers and aggressive duelists. For example, if attackers smoke off the defender’s entrance and push into the point, you have nowhere to run to for safety. 

This Sova trick might help you reach an otherwise impossible safe spot. 

How to use Sova to trick enemy team on Haven

The map’s higher Haven area is one of the safest places to wait for your teammates’ rotation. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get there quickly unless you’re Raze or Jett. Now Sova can utilize his ultimate to jump into Haven while fooling enemies with his bow and arrow. 

Few agents in Valorant can toy with movement tactics, and Sova isn’t one of them. But his arrow is powerful enough to boost him on top of higher points. On point A, as soon as you have intel about the enemy’s pushing in and don’t have a backup, you can reach safety by activating Sova’s ultimate Hunter’s Fury. By pointing the dart on the floor, pressure will throw you in the window, allowing you to buy time for your teammates. 

The only downside is that Sova’s ultimate costs a whopping eight points, which is too much to waste just for a boost. However, this trick is rewarding as it tricks enemies into your crosshair. 

Sova has a total of three shots in Hunter’s Fury. You can use the first two darts from the site to damage and slow down incoming enemies. Naturally, the enemies would expect you to be under Haven, but you’ve already boosted yourself to the window with the third dart. This will provide you with a position advantage in taking down enemies who are expecting you on site. 

This tactic might come in handy in higher ranked games where your teammates provide backup as this is a high-risk, high-reward strategy. 

How long does Sova’s ultimate last? 

Sova’s ultimate Hunter’s Fury lasts for six seconds. The Initiator agent has one of the most powerful ultimates in-game as he gets three shots that he must use within the given time. Each dart renders damage to 80 health, which means he only needs two darts to kill one enemy. He can kill multiple agents with two shots who come within the range of his Hunter’s Fury.