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Unique gift ideas for your gaming partner in 2023

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 27, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

Picking holiday gifts for a hardcore gaming fan is no easy feat, but these five niche products would all make a unique gift even in 2023. 

The holiday season means more playtime for gamers. If your significant other or gaming duo is obsessed with hoarding new gadgets despite having an optimal PC, then who are you to gift them a boring pair of socks? We have compiled the top five unique gift items your partner could add to their collection. 

Top five unique gaming gift options in 2023 

In theory, the best gift for Christmas 2022 to get a gamer is the latest 4080 Ti, but if you can’t afford it, there are equally impressive unique gaming gift options in 2023 that may not boost performance but would surely make gaming sessions more fun!

CYCON Couch Gaming Lapboard 

Imagine playing a 5v5 FPS game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from the comfort of your bed. It’s possible with CYCON Couch Gaming Lapboard. It works like a little table that provides connections for up to four input devices within a range of 10 meters. Meaning you can connect your wired keyboard, mouse, headphone, and mic to the table and game from the sofa.

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Instead of buying four overpriced wireless devices, you can just invest in this board and get your bang for the buck. At $189, CYCON Couch Gaming Lapboard makes a pretty good deal. 

MADMONQ pills 

Energy drinks are old news. They cause a sugar rush and numerous other side effects that can be felt months after usage. MADMONQ pills are the perfect gift for your clumsy rank duo who may flake after two games. The pills guarantee an instant brain boost for 3 hours without sugar, which is a plus. So, by gifting them the pills, you’re locking your rank up while ensuring your duo stays healthy!

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MADMONQ pills retail at $25, which is reasonable for the rank boost. 

Custom made controllers

Regardless if your partner is a PC or a console player, some games are simply better played on a controller. If your partner is particular about how their set up looks like, you may want to look into custom controllers. Dream Controller has so many options for different controller looks you’re sure to find something for your partner!

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So your partner has almost everything? We bet that they still can’t feel the gaming audio pulsating through their body. That’s precisely what Feelbelt does. The gaming experience will feel tenfold better with Feelbelt wrapped around your waist. It works like a bridge between the virtual and real world, transferring music into your body. 

This will surely be a worthy addition to your partner’s collection, especially if they are an audiophile. Every sound, every pitch, and every frequency between 1 – 20,000 Hz can be felt through Feelbelt. Not just that, but you can also customize the intensity of the haptic feedback according to your needs. All of this comes at the price of $319. 

Charging Dock for Xbox wireless controllers 

It’s time to get rid of messy charging cords. A clear charging dock for Xbox will be a perfect addition to your partner’s sleek gaming setup. 8BitDo Dual Charging Dock will offer quick recharge for both of your controllers while sitting pretty on the desk. It features two rechargeable battery packs, two battery doors for Xbox Series X controllers, and two battery doors for Xbox One controllers.

It also has visually pleasant lighting that can be adjusted with a touchpad from bright to medium to dim in a cycle. Amber lighting glows when charging and turns white when devices are fully charged. For $44.99, that’s a great Christmas gift! 

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RGB Gaming Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging

Charging your phone while gaming might sound random, but some people have been waiting for a gadget like that. The Redragon P025 Qi lets you charge your mobile phone during sweaty gaming sessions. It has plenty of real estate to work with and glows in RGB on its borders. If you have a limited budget, this combination mousepad and phone charger makes for a great Christmas gift.

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