UNDECEMBER is a cocktail of cut-throat action and immersive lore

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 14, 2022

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UNDECEMBER is set to redefine Action-RPG’s hacking and slashing with free-form classes on October 12, 2022. 

The action role-playing genre is stacked with numerous titles that have cemented their footing with immersive lore and catchy visuals. Combat aside, the plot sits at the center of a successful ARPG to help characters grow in somewhat repetitive gameplay. UNDECEMBER combines core elements from both action and storytelling to whip up a game that’s a complete package deal. LINE Games’ Hack and Slash ARPG is addictive and cutthroat. 

UNDECEMBER is a nostalgia-doused nod to the hit ARPGs, but with a fresh twist that puts mainstream titles to shame. The game lets players take the wheel as Rune Hunters, shrinking beasts to gain power.

The global launch build offers a vast story volume of up to 10 Acts and various challenge modes such as Chaos Dungeon, Spire of Barrier, Void Rift, plus co-op Raids. Challenging bosses with dynamic attack patterns and various gimmicks will motivate you to experiment with skill combinations and gear settings constantly. 

UNDECEMBER launches globally on October 12, 2022. Eager players can try out the game’s demo on Steam

What’s the plot of Undecember?

In the past, 12 beings created a Traum and lived in harmony. However, a banished 13 being, God of Evil, is on the verge of resurrection to reclaim Traum. The Serpens is praised and followed by Redanimoists who believe that the return of the God of Evil is imminent.

UNDECEMBER gets a lot of things right, but it’s the villains in the story that stand out. The game has hideous beasts lurking close. The developer took the cursed number 13 and whipped it into a serpentine final boss, Evil God Serpens. The “birth of the 13th” is apparently what caused the mayhem. The Evil God was first teased in the trailer with a head composed of many snakes, surrounded by a red aura.

“The descendants prospered under the blessings of the 12 beings who were now worshipped as gods. But one day, an unexpected being, Evil God Serpens, came into existence,”

UNDECEMBER redefines growth and character class 

The core concept of UNDECEMBER is simple yet unique. It frees the fans of ARPG from shackling themselves into a select character class. Instead, in UNDECEMBER, players can grow freely and shape their skill combinations. 

You’ll start with a customizable character. Many options exist to change hair, face shape, and more. But real customization happens on the battlefield as you collect more items and in-game currency. Typically, all RPG games require players to pick a category from the outset. But, in UNDECEMBER, players can create their own unique skillset as they progress further. 

The growth is directly tied to your kill score. As you slay enemies and beasts, your character will continue to gain strength. In a way, there’s tons of potential to experiment with powers and abilities, ensuring that the going never gets boring for Rune Hunters. 

You’ll be met with powerful beasts and ancient beings on the way. They may look scary, but you’ll be equipped to fight them off when you reach a powerful mercenary. You may develop a skill tree by unlocking runes and picking your preferred skill. The honeycomb will fill up with new powers like Crescent slash, Fireball, Summon Abyssling, and the like. Runes are at the core of the skillset. As you combine different runes and links, it helps you get to the next level. 

Besides beasts, you’ll also have encounters with a Blacksmith and a Potion dealer to help build up your skill tree and mana. This is also connected with constant growth that is so unique about Undecember. 

Is UNDECEMBER crossplay? 

UNDECEMBER is available on PC (STEAM, FLOOR) and mobile (iOS, AOS). In addition, players can team up with their friends on mobile and consoles through crossplay. The game also offers gamepad support for those who wish to lay back and enjoy the spooky adventure.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article.


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