Ultimate Spellbook can give Nautilus his longest hook ever

By Christian Vejvad


Jul 14, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The new game mode Ultimate Spellbook is turning out to be one of the best featured game modes since URF. One of the reasons is all the new fun combos that are constantly being discovered and now it’s Nautilus’ turn. 

In a recent discovery by a player, it was found out how Nautilus can be extremely fun to play in Ultimate Spellbook if he gets the chance to pick Zoe’s ultimate Portal Jump. It might sound clunky that a beefy boy like Nautilus should teleport back and forth with Zoe ultimate but it can actually turn into an incredible combo. By using Portal Jump followed up by Dredge Line (Q), Nautilus can travel incredible distances and even across the terrain.  

How to do the Nautilus and Zoe ultimate hook combo

To pull off the combo, Nautilus has to use Portal Jump and send out his Dredge Line in the duration of the Zoe ultimate before returning back to the original position. If the hook hits terrain, Nautilus will travel to that destination despite returning to the position where Portal Jump was cast. If done correctly, Nautilus can travel an absurd distance with the Dredge Line. 

If this wasn’t enough, the combo works in a way where Nautilus can travel across the terrain. Normally, Nautilus can’t cross walls with Dredge Line but this combo is an exception. If a player is lucky enough to get this combination in Ultimate Spellbook, there’s plenty of opportunities to surprise enemies with a flying Nautilus that no one would expect. 

Because of the low cooldown on Zoe’s Portal Jump, this will be a combo that Nautilus players can pull off constantly after gaining some levels. In fact, Zoe’s ultimate is shorter than Nautilus’ Dredge Line. This means that a Nautilus player can potentially do this every time Dredge Line is up. In level 5, Dredge Line has a base cooldown of 10 seconds. With a little ability haste, Nautilus can travel through the map in no time. 

Ultimate Spellbook is available in League of Legends through July, so there’s plenty of time to try out Nautilus and hopefully get the Zoe ultimate. 


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