Tyler1 has played over 1,000 solo queue games this season

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The popular streamer and entertainer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp has been grinding solo queue hard since the start of season 11 and is already way past the 1000-game mark. 

Since season 11 began on January 8, Tyler1 has been actively grinding solo queue for many hours every day both on and off stream. The popular streamer has reached a total of 1,104 games as of April 1, which is over 13 games on average each day. The number of solo queue games has not only made for a lot of entertaining streaming hours for Tyler1, but also been dedicated to the top lane where he has played the majority of his games this season. 

Tyler1 is known as a notorious Draven one-trick, but has been expanding his champion pool a lot over the past year. In 2020, Tyler1 made an attempt at reaching Challenger rank by playing jungle only and ended up achieving his goal. After reaching Challenger rank in the jungle, Tyler1 even went to do the same for the top lane before season 10 ended. This was another big task and proof of Tyler1’s eagerness to grind the ladder, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down in 2021. 

For season 11, Tyler1 is still putting his focus towards the top lane where he is playing a lot of different champions. His most-played champion in season 11 is Cho’Gath with a total of 231 games played and a 56% win rate. Tyler1 has also played a lot of Irelia, Aatrox, Urgot, and others, making his champion pool in the top lane fairly large. 

With a current rank of Diamond 1, there’s still some way to go for the big streamer to reach Challenger. One thing is for sure though, Tyler1 doesn’t seem like a man who is going to stop the grind in the near future. 

What does Tyler1 main in LoL? 

When Tyler1 started to pop up in the League of Legends and streaming community he was a bot laner and known to only play Draven. Tyler1 built his brand on being a Draven main but later expanded his champion pool. Tyler1 has also given other roles a chance, such as jungle and top lane. In his race to Challenger in the jungle position, he played a lot of Ivern. 

Does Tyler1 still play League? 

Tyler1 still plays League of Legends in 2021 both on and off stream. Tyler1 usually streams between 10 to 13 hours every day while he grinds solo queue. Many thousands of viewers tune in to see him grind the ladder every day, which makes Tyler1 possibly the biggest League of Legends streamer out there.