Tyler1 hits 15-game streak in race to Challenger in top lane

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Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp is fighting to reach Challenger rank on his top lane-only account before season 10 ends. 

The popular streamer has always been known as a Draven main in the bot lane, but has recently picked up other roles to see if he can reach Challenger. Tyler1 managed to hit Challenger while playing jungle earlier this year after a prolonged grind. 

His current race in the top lane has also been difficult, but the experienced solo queue player is closing in on his goal. He is approaching Master rank, thanks in part to a winning streak of 15 games in his recent streaming session. The streak was broken in the 16th game, where his team got outplayed by a fed Twitch and Hecarim.  

His top lane account currently has over 800 solo queue games played this season and with Diamond 1 proving to be a difficult hurdle for him. Tyler1’s recent long sessions have paid off, though. He just hit Master rank and is now ready to grind league points towards Challenger. 

With only a few hours left of season 10, it will be hard for Tyler1 to reach his goal but no one can say he didn’t try. The popular streamer has been streaming for up to 17 hours each day while grinding solo queue in the top lane. One of his most-played champions is Cho’Gath, which is also the champion he amassed that winning streak on. He is currently sitting at a 68% win rate on the big void monster and spamming him seems to be his ticket to a high rank. 

Tyler1 getting strong Twitch viewership ahead of LoL Season 11

While Tyler1 is determined to reach his goal, thousands of viewers are tuning in regularly to follow his journey. Just like his jungle challenge earlier this year, his top lane challenge is very popular on Twitch. 

Over the past week, Tyler1 has averaged over 37,000 viewers with a peak of almost 65,000. Tyler1 always tends to pull a lot of viewers, but these numbers are high even for him. Tyler1 has also reached over 100 hours streamed this past week, giving him workdays of over 14 hours in front of the camera. 

The season 10 ranked season ends on November 9 at midnight and Tyler1 will likely be grinding solo queue until then. 


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