Twitch Studio is a new streaming software directly from Twitch

By Quentyn Kennemer


Aug 14, 2019

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There are many different ways to set up a livestream broadcast but Twitch is offering a new method with Twitch Studio.

Twitch Studio, which is now in closed beta, is a broadcasting client designed to let aspiring streamers put their content in front of live audiences quickly and easily. Twitch is positioning it as a foolproof alternative to established suites like OBS and XSplit.

Twitch Studio features a simple setup process, a clutter-free user interface, and accessible controls for customizing a stream. Users can choose between several built-in wallpapers and specify primary and secondary colors to fit their style. They can also upload their own custom wallpapers and images to use in the premade templates.

The client includes a live view of the Twitch chat and delivers alerts whenever someone subscribes, raids, or donates bits.

Twitch stated that this new program is being released in an effort to better support budding streamers. While many different options exist for broadcasting, the initial setup is intimidating to the point where many have opted to not even try. Despite that, Twitch Studio is not necessarily designed to directly compete with XSplit or OBS, as Twitch fully expects people to graduate to more sophisticated offerings after they increase their understanding of what makes a quality stream.

Twitch has long worked to support new streamers with guides, tips, and a knowledge database that offers all the information up-and-coming talent need to get started. This is a giant leap forward for the service, however, as it will streamline the content creation process in a whole new way.

That’s more imperative now than ever before.

The release of Twitch Studio follows Tyler “Ninja” Blevins signing an exclusive streaming deal with competing streaming platform, Mixer. This serves as a new way to help lure in users and also guarantees there is no shortage of talent if other personalities follow him.


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