Twitch streamers were banned for kissing on stream, but why?

Olivia Richman • July 9, 2021 7:41 pm

Twitch’s stance on sexually suggestive content continues to confuse the streaming community. 

Even though Twitch initially told hot tub haters to simply “look away” if they didn’t like it, and even gave bikini-clad streamers their own category on the platform, Twitch will sometimes issue out suspensions to streamers they arbitrarily feel are crossing the line. And for the streaming community, it’s unclear what those lines actually are. 

On July 9, Twitch streamer kjanecaron was banned from the platform after she made out with a female friend while wearing a bathing suit at a pool. The kiss only lasted a few seconds but it still led to a one-day suspension, according to kjanecaron’s Instagram story. 

“I might have gotten banned for kissing a homie on stream. I feel that’s a little homophobic. After pride month, I don’t know how I feel,” kjanecaron told followers, seeming a bit amused by the entire situation. 

Twitch kiss ban

Can you kiss during a Twitch stream? 

Twitch’s Terms of Service does not include any specific rulings about kissing or making out during a broadcast. But to “maintain the health of our community,” Twitch does state that “sexually suggestive content is prohibited.” Unfortunately, the streaming community has no idea what Twitch counts as “sexually suggestive” and what is acceptable. For example, wearing a bikini and sitting in a hot tub is fine. But twerking in a bikini while in a hot tub is apparently ban-worthy. 

Twitch’s Terms of Service has a list of “sexually suggestive” content that includes content focused on “breasts, buttocks, or pelvic region,” as well as groping, fetishizing behavior, simulating sex, featuring sex toys, erotic dancing and stripping, and sharing erotica. Sexual violence and nudity are also not allowed. But there are no rules regarding kissing. 

This has continued an ongoing controversy surrounding Twitch’s murky and inconsistent banning behavior. Some people applauded Twitch for acting on inappropriate content while others felt that Twitch was overreacting. Some followers demanded that Twitch “free her” while others were happy to see kjanecaron gone. 


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