Twitch streamer TimTheTatman finally won a game in Fall Guys

By Olivia Richman


Aug 21, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Streamer Timothy John “TimTheTatman” Betar has finally won a single game of Fall Guys. And yes, that’s big news. 

Even Fall Guys recognized the momentous achievement, calling it one of the “biggest gaming moments of our lifetimes” on Twitter. 

It only took TimTheTatman an excruciatingly unimpressive eight days playing the battle royale party game to finally get a single victory. The struggling content creator even told his Twitter followers that it’s the “hardest game” he’s ever played in his entire life. Yes, the one with all the colorful beans dressed up as unicorns, pirates, and hotdogs. 

Just look at this soul-crushing clip of TimTheTatman getting completely rekt in this challenge of a lifetime. 

Warning: Completely depressing content ahead. 

TimTheTatman’s harrowing experience in Fall Guys left the streamer so distraught that he claimed he would quit if he didn’t win a game by next week. He became so mentally broken and deluded that TimTheTatman started to believe that the developers of Fall Guys were paying people to purposely target him. These are the tweets of a madman spiraling into insanity as the pressure mounts. 

Even Fall Guys started to take notice of TimTheTatman’s rapidly deteriorating mental state. But the game developers remembered TimTheTatman’s mocking words upon the game’s release and took no mercy on the Fall Guys failure. 

Twitch took pity on TimTheTatman and said they were rooting for him. But Fall Guys could only continue to watch his plight with utter disgust. 

“Please Tim, be better at the game,” they said

Things were starting to look so bleak. 

TimTheTatman was desperate for a crown. Just a single victory. Just one win. Then it would all go away. It would all be worth it. 

TimTheTatman continued to try. For three long days he continued to grind Fall Guys, arguably the most hotly competitive battle royale game to ever exist. He almost got there a few times, only to fall victim to random competitors that were definitely without a question paid by Fall Guys to keep TimTheTatman down. 

Then he finally did it. No words could do the moment justice. The clip speaks for itself.