Twitch streamer 4Conner called out for racist messages, reacts

By Olivia Richman


Feb 21, 2021

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Twitch streamer 4Conner looks to have been canceled by the streaming community. 

A series of Discord chat logs were released on February 20 that showed 4Conner saying racist, antisemitic, homophobic, transphobic, and sexist statements in a Discord channel. The screenshots included 4Conner sharing racist memes about black people, the streamer posing in front of a Confederate flag with his friends, and saying he would “commit hate crimes” towards people of color. 4Conner also said women are “only good for procreation” and mocked trans individuals. 

The following images could be upsetting to some due to their content. 

4Conner racism

4Conner racism

4Conner leak

4Conner quits Twitch streaming after leaked Discord conversations

Soon after the images were leaked, 4Conner decided to go live on Twitch to offer an apology. In his statement, 4Conner said it’s “not who he is” and it was “all jokes.” 

“But what I said was very bad. And at the end of the day, I was being racist, transphobic, homophobic, antisemitic,” 4Conner said. “It’s hard for me to associate myself with that because I know how I feel.” 

Not surprisingly, the apology was not well-received. After seeing the numerous screenshots of 4Conner’s Discord activity, it was hard for many people to believe his language wasn’t purposeful and authentic. 4Conner even told his fans to stop defending him, saying “I deserve all of it.”

“I am sorry to all the people who have interacted with me since I started streaming and all the people who interacted with me before. I did not realize the weight my words carry,” 4Conner concluded. 

The streamer then stated that he was leaving Twitch. 

Trainwrecks, Mizkif, others respond to 4Conner racist leaks

After reviewing the remarks 4Conner had made on Discord, popular streamer Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo publicly stated 4Conner was no longer welcome at his house. The streamer, who became more popular after beating Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp in a 1v1, apparently frequented Mizkif’s house quite often. 

“I have talked about it to Conner and he is no longer allowed at my house, ever again,” Mizkif said. 

It’s unclear if Mizkif was aware of 4Conner’s behavior before the leak. 

Another popular streamer associated with Mizkif, Trainwrecks, actually stood up for 4Conner. While he didn’t condone 4Conner’s behavior, the streamer seemed sympathetic about 4Conner’s failed Twitch career due to the backlash. Many found this to be a surprising response from Traninwrecks. This could indicate that Trainwrecks, Mizkif, and the other OTK members were close to 4Conner and possibly knew of his behavior before it came to public light. 


A Twitch streamer named Kayla made a TwitLonger about the 4Conner situation since she had been in the same Discord server. She admitted that she should have spoken up when 4Conner made these kinds of harmful comments. While she stated that she “wasn’t an enabler” and barely ever hung out with 4Conner or his friends, she said she has been working on improving herself over the years. 

“I am not an active racist, I don’t enable racists, and I don’t make threats. I’m not hurting anyone. Just let me be cringe and leave me alone, please. Thanks,” she wrote

Most of her followers believed she was capable of change. Others noted that people were “coming for Mizkif” about things he had said years prior. They felt that “cancel culture” was unfair and that people were too quick to condemn certain individuals. 

Since the incident, 4Conner has deactivated his Twitter account. 


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