Twitch Rivals Overwatch Workshop features LEGO charity donations

Marta Juras • July 29, 18:00

Twitch has hosted its second Twitch Rivals Overwatch Workshop. The workshop featured a collaboration between Twitch, Blizzard Entertainment, and LEGO, and was set as a charity tournament.

The Twitch Rivals: Lego Overwatch Showdown was played over the weekend of July 25. It featured 24 players and streamers in teams of six competing for Lego sets, which were then donated to a charity of their choice. The winner got 100 Lego sets to donate, followed by sets of 75, 50, and 25 for each of the next placements.

The tournament’s participants were competing in four Worksop game modes, including Play as 2 Heroes, 10k Damage FFA, Freeze Tag, and Steal the Crown. The event was played in both North America and Europe. Rewards were the same for both regions. 

The winner of the tournament in the North American region was Team Emongg, led by the streamer and former competitive player Jeff “emongg” Anderson. Cloud9’s Overwatch player Jamison “PVPX” Moore was one of his teammates, alongside other streamers and former competitive players.

They decided to donate their 100 Lego sets to Toybank, an organization that invests in the mental development of at-risk children. They set up play centers that help nurture children towards better perspectives in their adulthood through a variety of educational games.

Caster and streamer Sébastien “AlphaCast” Ferezis was leading the European winners on Team Alphacast. They choose to donate to Cekedubonheur, a French association that focuses its efforts on improving the lives of hospitalized children. The team also featured other known players and streamers.

Senior marketing manager at Lego Sten Funder Lysdahl has stated the organization is excited to be a part of the Twitch Rivals with its charitable prizing, and that Lego is exploring new ways to appeal to Lego and Overwatch fans alike.

“We wanted to add an extra LEGO touch to the tournament and give team captains the chance to share their victory with other children too. This is why we believe the donations are the best prizes for the winners,” Lysdahl said.


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