Twitch partner ItsPinkie banned after “queefing for subs”

By Olivia Richman


Mar 28, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Soon after Ludwig Ahgren became the most-subbed Twitch streamer following his live streaming for 150-plus hours and counting, other content creators wanted to jump on the bandwagon. But not everyone was doing it in a conventional way. 

Twitch partner ItsPinkie was suspended from the streaming platform after a clip of her “queefing” during a broadcast started going viral across social media.

On March 26, ItsPinkie told her 1,000 viewers that she was able to “queef on demand.” To prove it, ItsPinkie put a microphone near her genitals and then appeared to let a bunch of air out. After the strange stunt, ItsPinkie received a few subscribers. 

Even though a lot of people clearly found ItsPinkie’s talent fascinating, Twitch was not amused. The platform issued her a three-day ban. It’s unclear which rule in Twitch’s Community Guidelines “queefing” breaks, but it’s possible that it fell under Twitch’s rules about directing attention to a specific body part. No matter the reason, ItsPinkie clearly felt that the platform’s community was stigmatizing “queefing.” 

Even though some viewers noted that it made them uncomfortable, the streaming community as a whole felt that ItsPinkie didn’t deserve the punishment. It was noted that one of Twitch’s top streamers, Felix “xQc” Lengyel, will often fart into his mic. This is followed by his audience spamming a slamming desk emoji in chat. In response, xQc will then slam his desk. 

The inside joke has become quite popular on his channel, even though a lot of people are unsure what to make of this strange tradition. Many in the streaming community felt it was a double standard that ItsPinkie was banned for a similar offense, making it seem like an attack on women’s bodies and their specific functions. Others just joked that she wouldn’t have been banned if she had “slammed it” like xQc.

ItsPinkie responded that she was fine with the three-day suspension, especially since it was during her time off from streaming. But she did tweet that xQc should be banned for farting just to be fair. 

“I didn’t even do it in a sexual way, It was like a ‘guys, look what I can do’ type of thing,” ItsPinkie said. 

itsPinkie responds after Twitch suspension 

Even though ItsPinkie was clearly unbothered by the situation, a lot of people have continued to rant about this double standard between xQc’s farting and ItsPinkie’s “queefing.” While ItsPinkie seems clearly aware of the double standard that led to her suspension, she repeated once again last night that it’s “a fun little joke that got blown up.” 

“I’m not sexualizing that queef. You are,” ItsPInkie tweeted. 


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