Twitch drama gets QTCinderella and Will Neff banned on Instagram

By Olivia Richman


Jun 6, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

When a group of popular streamers decided to mock fast-growing content creator Adin Ross, the new but notorious streamer warned them not to mess with his fans. Now some of those streamers are feeling his wrath. 

Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahren, Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris, and Nick “Nmplol” Polom were discussing Ross’ fast rise on Twitch when Sodapoppin joked that Ross’ viewers were “kids in high school who want to be cool.” Ross immediately lashed back, telling the popular influencers not to come at his fans, stating that it was “disrespectful.” In response, Ross also called Ludwig and Sodapoppin’s fans “nerds.” 

Sensing some incoming drama, Ludwig privately wrote to Ross to squash the beef. But Ross decided to continue the beef in public, calling Ludwig a “band geek.” Ludwig’s girlfriend, QTCinderella, stood up for Ludwig at this point as she was upset with Ross’ reaction to the private discussion. 

Since then, a war seems to have broken out between Ross’ fans and the aforementioned streamers. It became so heated that FaZe Clan owner Richard “Banks” Bengston asked the Twitch stars to make peace. Ludwig, QTCinderella, and even Ross all apologized to one another. They even deleted tweets that contained insults. 

But it seems that Ross was right to call his fanbase “toxic” because a lot of them are still trying to cause some drama even after the beef was ended. 

Why was QTCinderella suspended on Instagram?

Despite the apologies, Ross’ fans have still decided to not forgive the popular streamers for mocking Ross and his community. To get back at them, a legion of fans decided to mass report QTCinderella and WillNeff on Instagram. The social media platform was so bombarded with reports that QTCinderella and WillNeff were banned. 

QTCinderella wrote about the situation on Twitter this morning, calling on Instagram to help them. 

“We got banned due to mass reporting from very cool kids,” QTCinderella wrote sarcastically. “We actually did nothing wrong besides play instruments in high school.” 

While the majority of the streaming community has supported QTCinderella throughout this situation, Instagram still hasn’t taken action. Her account remains suspended at the time of publishing.

Meanwhile, the situation has created even more criticism towards Ross’ fanbase. A lot of people have jokingly written “L” in response to QTCinderella’s tweet, mocking the way Ross’ community allegedly talks. 


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