Twitch brings back SUBtember promotional event, discounts subs

By Quentyn Kennemer


Aug 30, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch has renewed its SUBtember event for 2019. It has partnered with sandwich chain Subway, a natural pairing given the event’s name.

SUBtember is a promotional event that allows viewers to subscribe to their favorite streamers at a steep discount. You can get a tier-one subscription to any channel you want for 50% off, which is about $2.50 USD.

Running from September 3 through September 24, the deal applies to all new tier-one subscriptions, except those that are gifted, those bought via the mobile app, and currently active subscriptions that are set to expire during the promotional period.

Held annually since 2017, the SUBtember promotion has helped streamers enjoy surges in revenue. Most hardcore stream viewers are likely already subscribed, so this represents an opportunity to catch a few more dollars from those who may be on the fence or can’t always afford regular recurring subscriptions.

Viewers can subscribe to as many channels as they want at the reduced rate, and streamers will receive earnings as if they were paid the full price. The price of the subscription will return to its normal $4.99 mark if you continue after the promotional month is up.

New this year, Subway will pad bit donations of ten or more with a 10% surplus, up to 25 million extra bits available overall. Subway will also offer random gift subscriptions in various channels.

This comes as Subway looks to get more involved in the gaming world. The sandwich chain will soon launch its own Twitch channel where popular streamers may be featured, offering those streamers increased chances to expand their audiences.

In a past run of SUBtember, Twitch partnered with Michael “shroud“ Grzesiek to offer $1 subscriptions to his channel alongside the $2.50 promotional price for everyone else. Twitch hasn’t mentioned any similar plans this time around.

Some are unhappy with this year’s rendition. Twitch allowed viewers to buy gifted subscriptions at the discounted price previously, making for more memorable stream moments when generous souls bought subs for unsuspecting viewers in bulk.

It’s suspected that Twitch moved away from this benefit as some streamers abused it for personal gain, going against the original spirit of the promotion.

Regardless, SUBtember remains a great opportunity for people who would otherwise save their money for, say, a $5 footlong from Subway.