Turn Elden Ring into Bloodborne 2 with this epic build

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 18, 2022

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Bloodborne 2 isn’t coming out anytime soon, but you can make it yourself with this super fun Elden Ring build.

FromSoftware fans are always excited to hear announcements from the company. The sheer scope of Elden Ring means that the next project is still on the horizon, so the long-anticipated Bloodborne 2 is probably still years away. For those who just can’t wait to once again hit the streets of Yharnam, you can roughly replicate the Bloodborne experience in Elden Ring with a special combination of Great Runes, weapon arts, and weapons.

Unfortunately, to really start the Bloodborne build in Elden Ring, players will need to take down the toughest boss in the game. Malenia, Blade of Miquella is one of the few non-required bosses to grant a Great Rune on death. Malenia’s Rune reduces healing from Crimson Flasks, but it allows players to regain health by hitting enemies shortly after taking damage. This is a clear nod to Bloodborne’s healing system, where hunters gain lifesteal shortly after getting hit.

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The second part of turning Elden Ring into Bloodborne is replacing the iconic dodge roll with Bloodborne’s quickstep. Luckily for players, there’s an Ash of War specifically for it. Head to the Warmaster’s Shack just south of Stormveil Castle and buy it from Knight Bernahl. Apply it to any of the viable weapons to complete the Elden Ring Bloodborne build.

Complete the Bloodborne build with these Elden Ring weapons

Now it’s time to find a suitable Elden Ring weapon to replicate the Bloodborne experience. Ghiza’s Wheel, found in the upper level of Volcano Manor, appears to be directly inspired by Bloodborne: The Old Hunters’ Whirligig Saw.

It deals heavy bleed damage with C scaling on both strength and dexterity. The Quickstep Ash of War unfortunately won’t work on Ghiza’s Wheel, but it’s possible to apply it to a shield and use it from there instead.

The Sacrificial Axe is also a rough analog for the Hunter Axe. The Quickstep ash works perfectly fine on this weapon, and the longer-range heavy attack roughly replicates the Trick Weapon’s extended form. Head south of Callu Baptismal Church at night to find a Deathbird and claim your newf weapon. It’s quite appropriate that an eldritch enemy would drop a Bloodborne-worthy weapon.

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The final step to play Elden Ring in Bloodborne mode is to get a ranged weapon for the offhand. The most straightforward comparison is the Jar Cannon, which operates similarly to the Hunter Blunderbuss or Cannon. It deals heavy poise damage, so it can replicate the gun parry effect on smaller enemies. Throw on some dark leather armor and let the hunt begin.


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