TSM loses to Gen.G, LCS still winless in Worlds 2020 group stage

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Gen.G put another nail into the LCS’s coffin by beating Team SoloMid in the 2020 League of Legends World Championship group stage. 

It has not been a great start for the LCS teams at Worlds after the three North American teams lost each of their opening games in the group stage. TSM was looking to change that against LCK’s Gen.G, but the Koreans were too strong 

TSM were the ones to get the early kills, but the superior individual skill of Gen.G’s laners was clear. TSM lost out in the jungle and mid lane, which are usually their strongest points on the map. Gen.G mid laner Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong picked Sett to counter Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg’s famous Zilian, and it paid off. 

Even though TSM picked up kills around the map, Gen.G continued to answer back with better trades through their greater macro game. Gen.G showed against LGD Gaming that they don’t mind long, drawn-out games since team fighting is their strongest suit. 

TSM got to feel Gen.G’s strength and could not keep up, despite their best effort. This puts TSM at 0-2 in their group and puts them into a do-or-die position moving forward. On the other hand, Gen.G is sitting comfortably at the top of Group C. 

LCS teams are flopping in Worlds 2020

With another loss for TSM, the LCS region now has a 0-4 record in the Worlds 2020 group stage. All three LCS teams are struggling in their respective groups and it’s hard to see how this could turn around. 

Many fans were hoping that Team Liquid would be able to pull out some wins in group A, but the team lost its opening match to Machi Esports. The loss to Machi Esports was a big blow for all LCS fans, as that was considered the easiest game for an LCS team on paper. 

TSM was the LCS’s top seed, but the team lacks in individual skills and overall coordination. Their game against Gen.G was close for a long time, but playing into the opponent’s strengths doesn’t grant any wins. 

Each LCS team still has a chance to qualify for the quarterfinals, but they will have to improve drastically. 

Gen.G holds onto its scaling playstyle at Worlds 2020

Gen.G has shown in both of their games that late-game scaling compositions are the way to go. The Korean team doesn’t look to be a fan of the early game compositions yet, but that hasn’t hurt their chances. 

Gen.G has enough individual skill to make it through the laning phase without being in a hurry to get a lead. Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk on a late-game carry seems to be the way, while Bdd is performing well on playmaking champions. 

Gen.G might have to change up their playstyle if they get to play against aggressive teams such as Top Esports or DAMWON Gaming, but for now, this will do. In a group with slower teams like TSM and Fnatic, it seems wise to play towards comfort. 

Gen.G will play its next game against Fnatic on October 6, while TSM will be facing off against LGD. 


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