TSM goes winless at Worlds 2020

By Christian Vejvad


Oct 10, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Team SoloMid lost their sixth and final game at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship to LGD Gaming. 

Both teams went into the match without anything but pride to play for. TSM got knocked out of contention earlier by Fnatic. LGD had the same fate. LGD has been playing fairly well throughout the group stage, but have needed the last marginals to win more games. 

Against TSM, the Chinese squad managed to get a bit of its lost confidence back. The game started out aggressively from LGD, who quickly managed to get a lead in the mid lane. 

While TSM managed to put up a good fight with their own aggression, it was not enough to stop the LGD train in the late-game team fights. LGD picked up its last win before going home, while TSM didn’t get the feeling of victory this time around. 

Worst international performance for TSM

TSM ends its Worlds journey without any wins on the board. The LCS’ first seed got placed in a tough group with three great teams that all had the potential to advance. Right from the start of the group stage, TSM struggled to find the rhythm and didn’t manage to play well together as they did in the LCS. 

The lack of teamwork and individual form got punished by all opponents in the group, leaving TSM as the only team at Worlds this year with a 0-6 record. This performance is the worst from TSM at the international stage ever. 

Bjergsen couldn’t lead the troops at Worlds 2020

TSM had a few games where they could potentially have snatched a victory, but the pressure seemed to get to them every time. 

After being officially knocked out by Fnatic, TSM found some confidence and made their second game against Gen.G close. Sadly for TSM, they once again crumbled under the pressure and didn’t manage to execute the late game fights correctly. 

Mid laner Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg had his best game at this Worlds, with a solid performance on Lucian. Jungler Mingyi “Spica” Lu also had a great showing on Lillia and even managed to hit a five-man ultimate, but no one on TSM had the confidence to follow up and potentially win the deciding fight. 

While TSM didn’t have much to play for, it was the perfect example that the players lacked the confidence needed at the Worlds stage. In the end, TSM’s biggest enemy was themselves at this event and it got punished. 

Better communication and a bit more bloodthirst could have been enough for TSM to take a few wins at the tournament. A play at Baron against Gen.G clearly showed how the communication of TSM has also been an issue, and in this case, it cost them Baron Buff and the lead. 

TSM will return to North America and will have to look ahead for the upcoming 2021 season. 


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