True Damage, the next LoL virtual band skins, have leaked

By Milo Webb


Oct 19, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

A new League of Legends virtual band will be arriving during Worlds 2019, according to recent leaks.

“True Damage” is the third band based in the world of Runeterra, following pop group K/DA and rock band Pentakill. Its lineup includes Yasuo, Ekko, Qiyana, Akali, and upcoming champion Senna. The group’s musical genre hasn’t been confirmed, but the True Damage skins give off a kind of cyberpunk street performer vibe.

True Damage was actually leaked about two months ago. The splash art of a new champion was leaked back in August. We now know the champion in this artwork to be Lucian’s long lost lover Senna. Senna’s weapon in the splash art is decorated with the phrase “True Damage.” This originally led fans to surmise that this new champion’s abilities would dish out true damage. Now, after Senna’s reveal cinematic and this latest leak, players understand that this splash art is actually Senna in her True Damage cosmetic skin.

Senna’s leak was the League community’s first peak at upcoming virtual band True Damage.


Fans are excited to welcome another LoL-themed musical group, but some are frustrated at choice to feature Akali in the band. True Damage Akali will be the fourth skin that the champion has received over the course of 2019. A number of fans are criticizing Riot Games for what they believe is a bias pick and for not showing enough love to champions who haven’t received any cosmetics in well over a year.

However, Akali showing up in another musical group is somewhat accurate with K/DA lore. Her K/DA bio states that she started out as a street performer and regularly makes appearances next to other street acts in cities she is visiting. True Damage may be one of the groups that the ninja rapper makes guest appearances with on the road, or perhaps it is an old band she performed in before being discovered by K/DA.

If Riot Games follows a similar release schedule to K/DA’s reveal, fans should expect True Damage to drop in early November as well as a song celebrating the skin line’s release.