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Trinity Keys solutions in Lies of P

By Melany Moncada


Oct 1, 2023

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Lies of P hides plenty of mysteries that players will uncover as they advance through the game. One of these mysteries revolves around the trinity keys and the trinity sanctums.

 If the phone is ringing, it is most likely the King of Riddles calling. These calls come from the different phone booths that are located in the city of Krat.

The King of Riddles will present you, as his name suggests, with a riddle that you must answer. Each correct answer will result in a trinity key, which can be used to open the trinity sanctums.

The trinity sanctums can be found all around Krat. You can recognize them as the green locked doors with an odd symbol. These rooms can only be opened with a trinity key. Inside, players will find different rewards like outfits, weapons, and upgrade materials.

Lies of P trinity key phone

Trinity Key Solutions in Lies of P

There are five phone booths that you must visit to obtain the keys.

Krat City Hall Courtyard

The first phone booth can be found after you unlock the gate heading towards the factory. In this area, there will be multiple bomb-throwing enemies waiting to catch you. Walk past the bridge, do not cross it and the phone will come into view.

The answer to the first riddle is Human.

Malum District

This area has several enemies hidden on the rooftops. Walk around the square until you find the gate shortcut. There will be a ladder which leads to a small room where the phone is located.

The answer to this riddle is Candle

Grand Exhibition Gallery

Activate the overhead bridge shortcut at the Grand Exhibition main hall. The phone will be in the path.

The answer to this riddle is Egg.

Once you answer, the King of Riddles will give you an additional clue. Go down and turn to the right. Here, you will see three statues. The one in the middle will be larger. Turn the smaller statue and a compartment will open. Inside of it is the trinity key.

Krat Central Station Street

Around the destroyed Krat Station, follow the path that takes you to the cliff’s edge. In this area, you will find the phone.

The answer to this riddle is Ergo.

Relic of Trismegistus

This phone can only be found once you obtain all previous keys. Ahead of the second Black Rabbit Brotherhood fight, you dropped into a pit. Overlooking this pit is the final phone. It will ask whether you are a killer or not.

Both answers have the same result. The King of Riddles will grant you a surprise box.

Trinity Sanctum Locations in Lies of P

These are the locations for the trinity sanctums.

Workshop Union Culvert

On the Puppet of Future pit, where you encounter Red Fox and Black Cat for the first time, go through the passageway. Do not go through the red pipe but instead, take a right.

There will be the first trinity sanctum which can be opened with the key obtained from the Krat City Hall Courtyard.

St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel

Inside the chapel, you will encounter a section with electrified rolling balls. Find the origin of the rolling balls and take the ladder on the right. There you will find another door. Open it using the key from the Malum District.

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Estella Opera House Entrance

Finding this trinity sanctum is a straightforward process. Inside the Opera House, you will see a chandelier. In the dark below the flaming chandelier, you will locate the door which can be opened with the key from the Grand Exhibition Gallery.

Krat Central Station Lobby

The sanctum is found downstairs. The key obtained in the Krat Central Station can be used in this door.

Arche Abbey Outer Wall

The final trinity sanctum can only be opened with The Chosen One’s Trinity Key. This is the final trinity sanctum. You can identify the room through the wooden beams that are laid on the ground acting as bridges. Head to the bottom to locate the door.


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