Trick your enemies with this Omen fake defuse tactic

Fariha Bhatti • January 7, 23:00

A common trick to win a match of Valorant is faking a Spike defuse. With this Omen trick, players can take a simple fake defuse to another level.

Fake defusing is pretty simple: Tap the Spike once and pre-aim for enemies who peek to protect the Spike. This simple trick is a game-changer. However, Omen’s ability to teleport makes this trick tenfold deadlier for the enemy. For example, defusing a Spike planted for A main can be challenging for defenders as attackers can easily protect the Spike as soon as they hear the disposal sound. Omen teleport can help the team win bonus round through this tricky defuse. 

How to fake a Spike defuse with Omen

Place the agent on top of the Spike and aim for a safe angle you wish to teleport, for example, A corner. The pivotal part is to tap the bomb deactivation key right before disappearing. Press the key, use teleporting ability, and silently wait for the enemy to peek. The defenders will be aiming at the Spike, which will allow Omen to have an advantage, allowing him to take enemies down. 

It may seem like a one-time thing, but players can redo this tactic again if smartly used. Next time the Spike is tapped, enemies would be expecting the Omen anywhere but on bomb point, defusing. Reverse fake will lead the enemies to assume that it’s the same old tactic. 

Load a smoke and plant it atop of Spike. Walk inside the smoke and use teleporting ability while standing at the same spot. The reverse fake works best when teammates are alive to bag some extra kills while Omen deactivates the Spike. 

Why was Omen disabled in Valorant?

Riot’s tactical shooter Valorant has had plenty of game-breaking bugs that were fixed as soon as they were reported. Omen’s ability to teleport pre-round was one of the major bugs due to which the developer disabled the agent from the game. Omen players would teleport through the screens before the round start to gain an edge over enemies. The shadow figure could also pick duels while inside his smoke which is supposed to block vision. 

The players brought these significant bugs into developers’ notice a few other agents, including Killjoy and Sage, could also perform actions that were out of their regular kit and abilities. This massive mess was fixed after the developer realized the issue was with the agent itself and not the map. 


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