TreeboyDave first to level 10,000 in Overwatch, sets new record

Olivia Richman • October 20, 21:22

Twitch streamer TreeboyDave has become the first Overwatch player to hit level 10,000. 

As his fans spammed the chat with “I was here,” TreeboyDave announced the impressive achievement live on Twitch yesterday. 

The British streamer began his October 19 broadcast at level 9,993, already quite the feat on its own. But he was just seven levels away from the record-breaking 10,000th level. Over 10 hours of streaming brought TreeboyDave to the edge of history. Then, a victory on Eichenwalde finally led to the momentous celebration.

“There we go. Level up!” he exclaimed.

The streamer noted that the game hadn’t yet crashed from the unheard of achievement, although one follower joked that Blizzard might now ban him for crossing into uncharted territory. 

“This was a long time coming. Never thought I’d get here. But level 10,000,” TreeboyDave continued.

One follower gave him 10,000 Twitch bits, equal to a $100 donation, in celebration. 

If that wasn’t enough of a gift, Treeboy then opened his level 10,000 loot box to reveal two legendary skins. One was Mercy’s ever-popular witch skin, while the other was Wrecking Ball’s colorful punk Mayhem skin. Of course, with a level 10,000 account, TreeboyDave already had both skins. But it was still an appropriately lucky loot box for the big new level achievement. 

“This is one for the record books! Level 10000 has been reached! Thank you very much for stopping by to witness this historic moment with us!” he tweeted after the stream. 

TreeboyDave is no stranger to breaking Overwatch records. The passionate streamer was the first player to hit level 5,000 as well. It’s safe to say that TreeboyDave is most likely already looking to the next milestones and hoping to be the first to reach them. 


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