Trainwreck calls out Twitch streamers who mocked Texas blackout

By Olivia Richman


Feb 19, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Streamer Tyler “Tranwreck” Niknam wasn’t afraid to call out his friends during a heated discussion about the Texas snowstorm. 

It started off as a casual party for streamers who had gathered at the One True King house in Austin. They had organized a birthday celebration for one of OTK’s founders, Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo. But when the discussion turned political, Trainwreck became very frustrated at some other streamers’ opinions. 

Some of the streamers noted that Texans should have been “better prepared” for the freak snowstorm that has caused hundreds of thousands of residents to lose power. So far, 40 Texans have died. 

“Y’all can meme all you want for clout, but that’s so fucked up. I don’t want to hear shit,” Tranwreck said in response. “That’s fucked up.” 

Another streamer said that all that was needed to survive “realistically” is food, water, and heat. Trainwreck responded that the people at the party had barely survived and had gone days without power. 

“You’re lucky the electricity’s on. If this wasn’t on you’d be miserable, like we have been the last three days,” he pointed out. 

In response, Conner claimed they were only miserable because they “didn’t have blankets.” He said he could survive for weeks with a blanket. 

“You know why you can survive weeks?” Train replied, clearly getting fed up with everyone’s take on the situation. “Because all of us make $2.6 million a year playing fucking video games.” 

At this point, other streamers at the party were getting uncomfortable with the exchange. Esfand even asked who makes that much a year. Conner was clearly offended, telling Trainwreck to back up. But Train was already too heated. 

“Half these motherfuckers make $25,000 a year. We make that in a day. And they got kids, man. Fuck that. You’re in a $1.5 million house talking like that. That’s easy to talk.” 

Conner tried to claim that every house is “equal” once there’s no power. But Train was clearly done with the back and forth. 

Texas blackout felt in streaming, esports industries

Families all over Texas have been struggling to stay warm. The chilly weather is not something that the state is prepared for, with most homes unequipped to deal with the snow and temperature. Many homes and businesses have flooded due to frozen pipes. In fact, so many have burst that Texas’ governor has asked out-of-state plumbers to help with the situation. 

Food pantries have run out of supplies and lines outside of grocery stores are long. Many of the state’s vegetable crops have been wiped out due to the cold weather. 911 calls have been higher than usual throughout Texas. Hospitals have been treating people for exposure to the cold and for carbon monoxide poisoning due to many Texans running stoves and sitting in their cars to stay warm. It’s clear that the state was not prepared for this type of weather at all and even though many are receiving power at this point, there are other issues facing people in the state. 

One Texas mayor quit after telling people on social media that “only the strong will survive” the storm. He told Texans that it was “their choice” whether they sink or swim. He even called many residents “lazy” for not “stepping up and coming out with a plan.” 

These troubles have been felt in esports as well. The Call of Duty League cancelled a week of play due to dozens of players being left without power. Other streamers and personalities have also faced troubles as a result.

The issues facing Texas seem to be winding down, but it has been a difficult time for the state.